Beyond the usual challenges of adolescence, modern teenage girls face a society that is increasingly difficult to navigate. High levels of academic stress, complex and fickle friendships, coping with body and social image issues, all within the context of social media and its complexities. If allowed to take its toll, the pressure to compete and conform can leave teenage girls plagued with self-doubt, anxiety and a negative self-identity – a heavy load to carry into adulthood.

BLOOM is an immersive experience designed to help teenage girls kick-start a journey toward greater self-awareness, empowerment and resilience. In this 2-part workshop, participants will be guided in exploring and critically examining topics that commonly affect teenage girls today. They will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of themselves and to learn and practice using healthy ways of navigating the ups and downs of modern girlhood.


❀ Love the skin you’re in: Body image and identity expression
❀ Stop, I don’t like that: Personal boundaries and internet safety
❀ BFFs and Frenemies: Navigating friendships
❀ Surfing the waves: Healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety

Participants of BLOOM can look forward to:

❀ Thought-provoking guided discussions
❀ Stimulating experiential exercises (e.g.role-play,journaling,art&craft)
❀ A hands-on introduction to a toolkit of distress coping skills for daily life
❀ A safe space in which to connect with other young women over common experiences


Dates: 22 & 23 June 2017 | Time: 9am – 12pm
Venue: Adelphi Families & Youth Centre (Next to City Hall MRT station)
Investment: $400 (individual) | S$350 (groups of 2 or more)
Early Bird rate: $320 (individual) | $280 (groups of 2 or more)
Note: Register and make payment by 1st May 2017 to enjoy Early Bird rates. As this is a small-group workshop, limited spaces are available.

About the facilitator

Desiree Zou is a clinical psychologist who has worked in the area of child and adolescent mental health since 2010. She enjoys journeying with young people and their families and finds fulfilment in facilitating the process of healing, growth and connection. Other than conducting workshops, she provides individual psychotherapy and psychological assessments. Desiree is also a registered yoga teacher and facilitates regular women’s circles in the community.

For registration or enquiries, email or visit