Aerobic Exercise is the New Mental Health Wonder-Drug

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, aerobic exercise is the best all-natural way to achieve multiple health benefits at the same time. For people suffering from poor mental health in Singapore, those benefits may be even more dramatic and immediate. Find out what aerobic activity can do for you!

Defending Against Depression

The new study, called the HUNT Cohort Study, followed a group of 33.908 people for 11 years, gauging various factors and collecting plenty of data. The research team discovered that just one hour of physical exercise each week can protect against relapses into depression.

For people who have recently recovered from depression in Singapore, a daily or weekly regimen of aerobic exercise may be able to keep future periods of depression at bay. According to researchers, the aerobic exercise did not even need to be intense or sweaty; even a long walk at a medium pace could have beneficial effects.

Improving Brain Function

The HUNT Cohort Study published by the American Journal of Psychiatry is not the only recent research on the topic of aerobic exercise. Physicians and psychiatrists in Singapore have long recognised the cognitive and physical benefits of this type of activity, and there are plenty of studies to back up the effects. One particular study found that 12 weeks of rapid walking improved brain connectivity for seniors in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Relieving Stress

The movement and effort involved in aerobic exercise actually helps to relieve stress. Studies reveal that some people feel their mood lift and their stress subside after just a few minutes of exercise. According to one report in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, regular activity helped to lower the body’s levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which are naturally occurring stress hormones.

Helping the Cardio-Vascular System

It is well known that aerobic exercise improves heart health and cardio-vascular function. It works the muscles, strengthening them and enabling better blood flow and the faster delivery of fresh oxygen throughout the body and brain.

Limiting the Effects of Chemotherapy on the Brain

One study surveyed breast cancer survivors who endured chemotherapy. A common side effect of the treatment, known as “chemo brain,” involves symptoms like mind fog, memory problems, and trouble with focusing on tasks or concepts. The study participants who were aerobically active seemed to be better protected against the cognitive decline associated with chemotherapy.

Seeking Help from a Psychiatrist or Psychologist in Singapore

Are you suffering from depression or stress? Ask your psychiatrist in Singapore about some different types of exercise that you could incorporate into your weekly routine. At Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, we employ a broad range of different treatments and therapies to help our patients recover their mental health.

Aerobic exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, clinical hypnosis, and art therapy in Singapore are all effective tools that your psychologist or psychiatrist can use to help you regain your mental balance and your happiness. Call today to set up your first appointment at our comfortable, private clinic.

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Source: Business Insider, 4 Oct 2017