The Aging Population in Singapore Creates Mental Health Crisis

According to a recent story from HRD (Human Resources Director) magazine, more employee groups are discussing mental health in Singapore. These unions recognise the importance of good mental health, especially as an aging population becomes more susceptible to mental illness.

The Mental Health Risks of Aging

Singapore’s population is aging quickly. As the healthcare system faces a new influx of seniors, experts warn that the system may not be ready to handle the mental health challenges that go along with aging. There is an immediate need for more doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and psychologists in Singapore, as the elderly face the health issues associated with aging, along with the increased risk of depression, anxiety, memory loss, and other disorders.

New Talent as a Solution

The National Trades Union Congress recognises the problem. The group released a statement, emphasising “the importance of attracting and retaining talent that are of the right fit.” To get through this period of heightened need, Singapore must encourage more young people to enter the mental health professions and medical professions. In addition, the nation may need to look beyond its borders, pulling in international talent to fill the gaps.

The Mental Health of Healthcare Workers

In an interesting twist, research teams have discovered that the lack of mental health support for healthcare workers is part of the problem. These healthcare professionals are on the front lines of the issue, caring for the Singaporean elderly. They are often overworked, subjected to emotional and physical stress, and overwhelmed with the needs all around them. Before they can serve others efficiently, these healthcare workers need to have their own needs met, specifically in the area of mental health in Singapore.

Awareness, Counselling, and Training

To support healthcare professionals, the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore and the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union are teaming up. Their plan includes an increase in awareness of the mental health risks facing healthcare professionals. Without various workshops, counselling sessions, and seminars, they hope to lower or eliminate the stigma associated with seeking mental health help. Joint union events, healthcare industry fairs, and other activities are part of the strategy.

In addition, the unions intend to offer mental health courses, as part of the professional development opportunities offered to workers. That way, people who are interested in knowing more about their own mental health or that of others can seek the knowledge in a supportive class-style environment.

Support from a Psychologist in Singapore

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Source: Human Resources Director Asia, 3 Oct 2017