Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasks Struggle with Depression

Andrew Lloyd Webber is well known as a composer of famous musicals such as Cats, Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, and most recently School of Rock. A number of his musicals have had decades of success, not only on Broadway and in London’s West End, but around the world. However, Lloyd Webber suffered from crippling depression, both as a young boy and as an adult. In a recent memoir, Unmasked, Lloyd Webber opens up about his depression and its effects.

Suicidal Depression as a Youth

As a boy, the musical genius made plans to kill himself on two separate occasions. He was passionate about writing music and songs, but he dreaded the possibility that he might never succeed. He started to experience signs of depression, recognising that it is a maybe something many artists experience.

At one point, young Lloyd Webber took his small savings out of the bank and purchased Lucozade and aspirin from two different locations. He also collected painkillers from his parents’ medicine cupboard. He rode the Central Line of the London Underground to its end, planning to end his life there. But then, he decided to ride the bus to Lavenham.

When he arrived at Lavenham, he walked through the pretty town and began to feel better. Eventually he took the bus home and lived on to become a worldwide success.

Depression Later in Life

Unfortunately, the pangs of depression weren’t over for Lloyd Webber. In recent years, he struggled with debilitating back pain and the ravages of prostate cancer – causing him a lot of physical pain and mental anguish. He started to think of suicide as a possibility to end the struggles of dealing with pain, and with non of the painkillers working, he thought he would just take all the painkillers at a single go.

In writing his memoir, Lloyd Webber says that he didn’t want to cause anyone pain or distress. ” I didn’t want to hurt anybody, but I wanted to be truthful,” he says.

Similar Experiences

Can you relate to some of Lloyd Webber’s experiences? The fear of failure, the frustration with life, and the pain of physical illness can be crushing to the spirit. If your mental health in Singapore is suffering because of illness or stress, find someone to tell. Opening up to someone else can be the first step in recovery.

Treatment for Depression in Singapore

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