In spite of serious struggles with anxiety and depression, 28-year-old Danesh Laino has managed to build a career as a restaurateur and gym manager. Now, according to The New Paper, he continues to push his limits and work through panic attacks as he competes in Manhunt Singapore.

The Onset of Mental Illness

At age 21, Danesh Laino received a diagnosis of anxiety disorder. His condition worsened over the next couple of years, coupled with depression following his father’s death from a terrible type of cancer. When he was 23, Laino’s psychiatrist in Singapore also diagnosed him with agoraphobia. Because of this terror of being out in public with people, the young man stayed in his home for nearly 12 months, leaving only when it was absolutely necessary or when he had a doctor’s appointment.

A Life in Collapse

As he sat at home, sinking deeper into anxiety and depression, Laino packed on 30 kg. He started gambling online and quickly developed an addiction to the games. His anxiety grew worse and worse. In one particularly bad month, he had to go to the emergency room 20 times because of his crippling panic attacks.

Laino used to exercise frequently, including training sessions. “I used to train five times a week for the Tampines Rovers FC Under-18 football team,” he says. “Now, whenever I work out, I cannot finish it sometimes as my heart pumps too fast, which makes me freak out.”

Medication and Treatment

To this day, Laino struggles with anxiety and fights his gambling addiction. He takes three different kinds of medication for these issues and for his depression. His agoraphobia has abated, however, which has given him the opportunity to try something new. He joined Manhunt Singapore in order to push himself further along the road to recovery.

Pushing the Limits

When he had to introduce himself and dance during the first media presentation, Laino endured two panic attacks, but he made it through. “I want to try and use this platform as a stepping stone to show others who are also suffering from anxiety and depression that they are not alone, and that (anxiety and depression) are not unbeatable,” Laino explains.

A Vital Support System

Laino praises his support system, which consists of his wife, his mother, and his two children. “My wife massages me and stays awake with me until I feel okay, while my mother accompanies me to my check-ups,” he says. He expresses his desire to conquer his disorders and learn to cope with them for the sake of his family, especially his kids.

Counselling for Anxiety and Depression in Singapore

Depression, addiction, panic attacks, and anxiety don’t have to define your life. Like Laino, you can seek help through therapy and medication to work through your mental health struggles. Contact the Singapore psychiatrists at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. Our team is ready to help you find new health and meaning in your life, thanks to effective therapies, talk therapy, and helpful medications.

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Source: The New Paper, 29 April 2017