Since her crowning in 2016, Miss International Kylie Verzosa has been advocating for mental health in various countries. One of her stops on her advocacy tour was the Institute of Mental Health Singapore. According to coverage of the beauty queen’s journey on the GMA News website, the Singapore Institute of Mental Health represents a modern blend of traditional pharmaceutical treatments as well as wholistic treatment methods.

A Beauty Queen in Deep Depression

For Miss International Kylie Verzosa, mental health is personal. “It’s close to my heart. I have a lot of family members going through some mental health issues, like depression, bipolar disorder. I’ve been through it myself.” She spoke further about her period of severe depression, telling how she suffered with it for six months. “I didn’t know what I was going through until I was brought to a psychiatrist. It’s a very difficult situation and I do think it’s a big problem for the youth today.”

Verzosa’s Recovery and Advocacy

Following this time in her life, Verzosa began entering pageants and soon became a model. In 2016, she became the sixth Filipina to win the Miss International crown. Her status as Miss International gives her a unique platform from which to raise awareness for mental illness. She has been touring various countries, speaking about the importance of awareness and high-quality care.

One of the beauty queen’s stops was the residence of the Philippine Ambassador to Singapore, while another was the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore. “My advocacy focuses on illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder,” said Verzosa to her Instagram followers. “I was warmly welcomed by the Institute of Mental health as I talked about the need for awareness of these sicknesses.”

Mental Health in Singapore

The Institute of Mental Health has become an iconic establishment, representing the growing commitment to better mental health in Singapore. Patients are treated and rehabilitated there, and they are also trained so that they can be functioning members of society and assets to the work force once they leave rehabilitation. The institute also helps its patients find jobs after they are discharged.

Kylie Verzosa remarked on the institute’s good qualities during her visit. ” It is something that the Philippines could use. A treatment center that would not just provide pharmaceutical care but wholistic care treatments for mental health,” she said. “There are different ways to handle it. There’s the natural way where you can do it by really changing your lifestyle. Then there’s medicine, which can help you faster.”

Treatment Choices at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic

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Source: GMA News Online, 11 February, 2017