Mental Health Legislation May Not Be the Answer

A recent publication from mental health experts introduces a unique view on mental illness—prevention vs. management.

Polyclinics Handle Mental Health Cases

Thanks to government efforts over the past decade, polyclinics are becoming popular places for Singaporeans to seek mental health care.

Reports Indicate Higher Suicide Rates Among Indians in Singapore

Indians living in Singapore and Malaysia are more at risk for suicide than people of other races. Find out which factors place them at risk.

The Responsibility of Raising an Empathetic Child

As a parent in Singapore, your role involves teaching the next generation a crucial social skill— empathy.

7 Signs That You Should Start Investing in Art Therapy

Have you heard about the benefits of art therapy? It’s not just for individuals with severe trauma— it can be valuable for people with all types of mental health struggles. Find out if you should begin investing in your own peace of mind through art therapy sessions.

Common Myths About Women’s Health

Singapore’s Today Online recently debunked some well-known myths about women’s health. Find out what’s true and what’s not when it comes to female health and wellness.

Murder-Suicide Reveals the Need for Early Intervention and Proper Mental Health Care

A dramatic crisis ended in a murder-suicide on October 22, 2016, according to Channel News Asia. The sad situation draws attention to the need for early detection and prompt treatment for mental health issues.

Using Art Therapy to Rehabilitate Addicts

A recent report from the Straits Times showcases how one centre is using art therapy to help recovering addicts. Workers at the centre have found that art therapy can prove to be a powerful tool in the treatment plan for addicted clients.

Research Reveals the Social Stigma Around Mental Illness in Singapore

A group of researchers from the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore decided to explore the current stigmatising beliefs about mental illness. Find out what they discovered about the way these beliefs affect careers and social connections for those with mental health conditions.

Young Girl’s Rage Episodes Trigger Social Rejection

Studies show that the number of stressed-out youngsters in Singapore is on the rise, as illustrated by a recent story from the Straits Times. A young girl suffering from anger and depression was stigmatised for years before receiving proper mental health care.