Managing Your Depression

Depression can be scary and painful to live with. It is something much more than just feeling sad. Depression hurts every area of a person’s life. The good news is that mental health treatment in Singapore can help a person overcome their depression and live a happy and healthy life again. Yes, we can help with this.

News: Singapore’s Recent Positive Mental Health Developments

Recently, several mental health developments have been announced in Singapore, contributing to some positive changes – with an Insurance company releasing a policy featuring mental health coverage, an upcoming film fest featuring mental health and a play on mental health illness.

Why The Elderly Suffer From Depression in Singapore

Depression among the elderly in Singapore is becoming more common. More elderly Singaporeans are living on their own and experiencing social isolation. Some other factors that contribute to the depression experienced by elderly Singaporeans are the physical and mental deterioration that comes with ageing, low self-esteem, and loss of independence. A combination of art therapy, medication, and social support can help to alleviate the depression suffered by Singaporeans in their silver years.

The Truth About Social Media and Depression in Singapore

Research shows that the photos people post on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks might reveal their mental state.

Singapore Celebrities Who Conquered Mental Health Issues

Even the rich and the famous aren’t immune from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Luckily, celebrities are starting to speak openly about such problems, changing the way they are perceived in society.

Several brave and popular Singapore celebrities have come forward to discuss their mental health problems and the road to recovery. Here are a few of their stories.

KonMari and Mental Health: The Psychological Benefits

Have you ever watched one of the many shows on television about people whose hoarding has got out of hand? It’s probable that you sat back smugly, surveyed your living space, and thought to yourself you’ve got everything under control. But do you? While you might not be a hoarder, you may be a clutter culprit. And your clutter has a negative impact on your mental health. You might not think this is possible, but it is. A psychologist will tell you that your clutter makes you unhappy even if you don’t think it does.

Forum Post by Dr John Bosco Lee: Address sexuality issue for those with mental disabilities, disorders

Straits Times Forum Post by Forensic Psychiatrist Dr John Bosco Lee: Address sexuality issue for those with mental disabilities, disorders

The State of Mental Wellness in Singapore

Over the past decade, the number of mental disorder cases has been increasing drastically. Some of the common mental disorders registered include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and alcohol abuse disorder. According to research conducted by the Singapore Mental Health Study, 13.9 per cent of Singaporeans and permanent residents have experienced given anxiety, mood or alcohol abuse disorder in their lifetime. What are the major mental disorders in Singapore?

Art Therapy with Children

Imagine a world where nothing was impossible – there were no limits, no right or wrong. Space, where there was complete freedom to be anything you wanted to be, a place where a line could be called a circle, a tree, was blue, and fishes walked. That’s the safe place where imagination starts, and safety is created for art therapy to take place.

In the News: Reformative training decision upheld for intellectually disabled teen sex offender in the Court Of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal of Singapore, upheld the High Court’s decision in March to sentence a teen rapist to reformative training after the prosecution appealed for jail time and caning for the intellectually disabled boy.