Art Therapy with Children

Imagine a world where nothing was impossible – there were no limits, no right or wrong. Space, where there was complete freedom to be anything you wanted to be, a place where a line could be called a circle, a tree, was blue, and fishes walked. That’s the safe place where imagination starts, and safety is created for art therapy to take place.

In the News: Reformative training decision upheld for intellectually disabled teen sex offender in the Court Of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal of Singapore, upheld the High Court’s decision in March to sentence a teen rapist to reformative training after the prosecution appealed for jail time and caning for the intellectually disabled boy.

Common Mental Health Issues among Kids in Singapore

Children and teenagers in Singapore today face pressures and influences that could have an effect on their mental health. While parents may often perceive them as moody or going through a phase, inexplicable behaviour could often be attributed to a mental health issue. Here are some of the more common mental health issues affecting youth in Singapore.

Addressing Depression in Teens: Important Things Parents Should Know

When it isn’t addressed properly, depression can have serious consequences, Singapore mental health experts warn.

Pressure For High Grades: The Damage Parents Could Be Causing Kids

There’s a fine line between being a good parent capable of stimulating kids to be achievers and taking things too far. Studies show that crossing the line can have severe consequences for young individuals.

Address sexuality issue for those with mental disabilities, disorders

The Straits Times Forum published an opinion by Dr John Bosco Lee on addressing sexuality issue for those with mental disabilities and disorders.

The Evolution and Challenges of Child Psychiatry Services in Singapore

The Evolution and Challenges of Child Psychiatry Services in Singapore

Of all Singaporean children in the six to 12 age group, 12.5 per cent demonstrate signs of either emotional or behavioural problems. Educational and peer pressure, little time being spent with parents (who have to work hard in order to support the family) and internalising have all been identified as common reasons why children may suffer distress and even depression in Singapore. What is even more revealing is the fact that Singapore has an insufficient number of child psychiatrists. Let’s take a look at the evolution and challenges of child psychiatry services in Singapore.

Michael Phelps Describes His Severe Anxiety and Post Olympic Depression

Michael Phelps Describes His Severe Anxiety and Post-Olympic Depression

Michael Phelps reveals details of his own severe anxiety and the major depression that hits him after every Olympic games.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasks Struggle with Depression

Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasks Lifelong Struggle with Depression

Famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber shares his lifelong battle with depression, which began when he was very young.


Olympic Athlete Struggles with “Deep Drops” of Depression

Olympic medalist Nick Goepper’s confessed that he battled depression and contemplated suicide after his first Olympic Games.