Could Gut Health Play a Key Role in Mental Health?

Could Gut Health Play a Key Role in Mental Health?

What is the connection between gut health and mental health? Researchers are currently exploring the gut brain connection and psychobiotics.

Do Mental Health Apps Actually Work

Do Mental Health Apps Actually Work?

How effective are mental health apps? Find out why these apps are making Singapore psychiatrists hopeful yet concerned.

MOE Reinforces No-Tolerance Policy for Bullying in Singapore

Bullying poses a serious risk to children’s emotional and mental health in Singapore, but the MOE is determined to curb these incidents.

5 Reasons to Destroy Your Art

According to a recent report from The New Paper, letting go of the art that they create can also be beneficial for patients.

“Startup Depression” Plagues Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs

Depression among budding entrepreneurs is a growing problem, especially in Malaysia, where social stigma prevents some from getting help.

Surprising Effects of Power Outages on Mental Health

Explore several effects of power outages on human safety and behaviour, including mental health.

Singapore Manager Jailed After Violating Teen’s Modesty

A business development manager with paraphilic disorder was recently jailed for taking photos of a teen while she was on the toilet.

A New Google Test Can Identify Depression and Mental Illness

Google has revealed a new questionnaire to help searchers discover whether or not they may have clinical depression or a mental illness.

Art Therapy Improves Quality of Life for Seniors

Thanks to a recent study, psychiatrists in Singapore can now have a better understanding of how art therapy affects the elderly.

Breaking Free from Negative Thought Cycles

A new study shows that if you feel bad about your negative emotions, you can actually make your them worse and heap more stress on yourself.