The Prevalence of Early Onset Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are becoming more common among boys and girls under the age of 12. Social and behavioural factors are playing a very big role in shaping up the mentality of young individuals and determining their body image.

Simple Sleeping Schedule Adjustments Could Reduce the Risk of Depression

The link between insufficient sleep and depression is well-established. Here’s how people who get little sleep can address the issue.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine: Great for Depression?

Foods like dark chocolate and red wine offer quite promising anti-depression benefits.

Singapore Plagued by Record High Suicide Rates Among Boys

The overall number of suicide attempts in Singapore has increased but the growth has reached record heights among boys.

Body Image Issues and Depression: An Undeniable Link

In Singapore, just like in other parts of the world, there’s a pressure to look a certain way. People who don’t fit in are likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Depression Is More Common in Women: Here’s Why

A new brain study sheds some light on why depression tends to occur more commonly in women.

Art Therapy for Dementia: When Creativity Overcomes Cognitive Decline

Psychiatrists in Singapore have accomplished excellent results in the treatment of dementia patients with art therapy.

How Is Excessive Competitiveness Harming Your Mental Health?

How Is Excessive Competitiveness Harming You?

Competition can be a powerful stimulus to move forward but psychologists in Singapore believe too much competition can be very harmful.

Could Biological Factors Be Contributing to Depression

Depression in Singapore is quite common and new clinical discoveries could enable the development of innovative treatment options.

The Very Real Nature of Workplace Burnout

Burnout has been recognised as a separate mental health syndrome that’s different from depression in Singapore and its clinical expression.