The Straits Times recently reported a new study, which shows that if you feel bad about your negative emotions, you can actually make your emotions worse and heap more stress on yourself. The study explores how negativity can lead people into an emotional cycle that drives them deeper into sadness or even depression. Explore the effect of negative thought cycles on mental health in Singapore.

The Research Team

The study referenced by the Straits Times was conducted in the United States. Funded by the National Institute of Ageing, the study took place at the University of California at Berkeley. The team consisted of assistant professor Brett Ford (University of Toronto), graduate assistant Phoebe Lam (Northwestern University), associate psychology professor Iris Mauss (UC Berkeley), and psychology professor Oliver John(UC Berkeley).

Surveys and Speeches

The study spanned over 1,300 people. The research team had participants complete questionnaires that explored their perspectives on their own emotions. They were asked to respond with their reactions to statements like, “I tell myself I shouldn’t be feeling the way that I’m feeling.”

A select group of 150 people had two minutes to write a three-minute speech. They were told to give the speech on video tape as part of a fake job application. Afterward, each person had to rate their own performance of the speech. Researchers found that people who gave themselves low ratings exhibited signs of greater stress.

The Long-Term Effects of Emotional Self-Judgment

The team discovered that when people judge themselves harshly for feeling a certain way, they are just perpetuating a negative chain of emotions. These people experience sadness, anxiety, or other bad feelings; and then they judge themselves and criticise themselves for feeling that way. The judgment opens the door for guilt and more sadness and negative feelings, which in turn are judged and compound the guilt. It’s a never-ending cycle that can damage a person’s mental health in Singapore or wherever they live.

A Possible Solution

Associate Psychology Professor Iris Mauss delivered some words of wisdom along with the release of the study. She said, “Maybe if you have an accepting attitude towards negative emotions, you’re not giving them as much attention. And perhaps, if you are constantly judging your emotions, the negativity can pile up.” Deciding not to impose guilt on yourself or judge your emotions can free you to experience more positive emotions, like confidence, happiness, and peace.

Finding a Psychologist in Singapore

Do you find yourself feeling guilty or judging yourself for your negative thoughts or dark emotions? You may be developing a harmful pattern that will be tough to break. But don’t lose hope!

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Source: Straits Times, 15 Aug 2017