Depression: Silent Suffering Through Tinted Glasses

Depression can perhaps be pictured as a person who was made to wear polarised sunglasses while going on this personal journey, seeing the world through dark tinted lens.

Does Singapore Have a Problem With Access to Mental Healthcare

Singapore is slowly but surely becoming more aware of the burden of mental illness. But what are we going to do with accessibility?

Why Building a More Caring Society Should be a Priority for Singapore’s Youth

With rising cases of mental illness in Singapore’s youth, it’s about time we put some focus on our children’s mental wellbeing. In this piece, we discuss what’s currently being done and what else we could do to help our children steer clear from mental disorders.

How Olympic Athletes and Organizers are Destigmatizing Mental Health

Elite athletes such as Joseph Schooling, Simone Biles, and Naomi Osaka are prioritizing their mental health. Take a look at this article if you want to know how they’re destigmatizing mental health in sport and in the rest of society in the process

Sue Anne Han, Adelphi Psych Principal Psychologist contributes to CNA article on shopping and overspending

Online shopping has experienced quite an uptick during the pandemic and it’s partly caused by people self-treating mental health woes with retail therapy. This piece from CNA titled Impulse buying: Why some people can't stop shopping and how not to overspend, shares some expert insights from Adelphi Psych’s own Sue Anne Han.

What is Retail Therapy and How It Can Become a Problem

Buying things to lift our moods might work for a little while but it can devolve into a negative habit. Read on to learn why retail therapy isn’t good in the long run and how to prevent it from ruining your life.

How Singaporeans Can Escape the State of Languish

The pandemic is causing mental health issues on Singaporeans. Languishing is perhaps one of the most widespread. Here’s what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Principal Consultant Psychologist Sue Anne Han on U PME’s Panel Discussing Job Opportunities in the Mental Health Sector

Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic’s own Sue Anne Han joins a panel of distinguished mental health practitioners and talks about the opportunities in the Singaporean mental health landscape. The panel assembled and presented by NTUC had some really interesting insights.

How Influencers May Be Spreading Misinformation on Mental Health

Content creators have a steadily growing influence on discussions about mental health. However, there are some limitations to what they have the ability to talk about. Here’s why we should listen to them with caution
Adelphi Psych In the News Channel News Asia - Rights Groups Want More Support To Help Maids Tackle Mental Health Issues

Adelphi Psych In The News: Rights Groups Want More Support To Help Maids Tackle Mental Health Issues

Study after study reveals more benefits of aerobic exercise, including better mental health and defence against depression.