Art Therapy for Dementia: When Creativity Overcomes Cognitive Decline

Psychiatrists in Singapore have accomplished excellent results in the treatment of dementia patients with art therapy.

Art Therapy with Children

Imagine a world where nothing was impossible – there were no limits, no right or wrong. Space, where there was complete freedom to be anything you wanted to be, a place where a line could be called a circle, a tree, was blue, and fishes walked. That’s the safe place where imagination starts, and safety is created for art therapy to take place.

Benefits of Sculpture as Art Therapy for Dementia Patients

Benefits of Sculpture as Art Therapy for Dementia Patients

One study shows how sculptural art therapy can help relieve anxiety and improve cognition for dementia patients.

Art Therapy Vs. Colouring

Art Therapy Vs. Colouring

Are adult colouring books the same as art therapy? Discover the clear differences between colouring and true Art Therapy

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Art Therapy Soothes Child Refugees Traumatised by ISIS

Thanks to The Red Pencil, a Singapore charity, traumatised refugee children in Lebanese camps are finding some healing through art therapy.

Art Therapy Improves Quality of Life for Seniors

Thanks to a recent study, psychiatrists in Singapore can now have a better understanding of how art therapy affects the elderly.

Achieving Insight Through Art Therapy

Are you struggling with the results of trauma? Art therapy is a powerful tool for reclaiming mental health.

The Empowering Nature of Art

Discover why one woman left a promising sales career to gain a Master’s degree in Art Therapy.

7 Signs That You Should Start Investing in Art Therapy

Have you heard about the benefits of art therapy? It’s not just for individuals with severe trauma— it can be valuable for people with all types of mental health struggles. Find out if you should begin investing in your own peace of mind through art therapy sessions.

Using Art Therapy to Rehabilitate Addicts

A recent report from the Straits Times showcases how one centre is using art therapy to help recovering addicts. Workers at the centre have found that art therapy can prove to be a powerful tool in the treatment plan for addicted clients.