Workplace Depression: A Serious Problem That Requires Serious Measures

Workplace depression is one of the medical problems bound to cost companies the most. It results in high levels of absenteeism, a productivity loss and a negative workplace environment. Luckily, multiple strategies can be employed to nip workplace depression in the bud.

Smiling Depression: A Dangerous and Hidden Mental Health Problem

A large percentage of people suffering from depression will do their best to hide it behind a smiley mask. This is known as smiling depression and it happens to be one of the most serious and devastating mental health problems. Identifying smiling depression can be difficult but there are still some tell-tale signs.

First-Episode Schizophrenia Linked to Depression, New Study Confirms

It’s a well-known fact that certain mental health problems like anxiety disorders increase the risk of clinical depression. New meta-analysis performed by Australian researchers connects first-episode schizophrenia to depressive symptoms.

Simple Sleeping Schedule Adjustments Could Reduce the Risk of Depression

The link between insufficient sleep and depression is well-established. Here’s how people who get little sleep can address the issue.

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine: Great for Depression?

Foods like dark chocolate and red wine offer quite promising anti-depression benefits.

Why The Elderly Suffer From Depression in Singapore

Depression among the elderly in Singapore is becoming more common. More elderly Singaporeans are living on their own and experiencing social isolation. Some other factors that contribute to the depression experienced by elderly Singaporeans are the physical and mental deterioration that comes with ageing, low self-esteem, and loss of independence. A combination of art therapy, medication, and social support can help to alleviate the depression suffered by Singaporeans in their silver years.

The Truth About Social Media and Depression in Singapore

Research shows that the photos people post on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks might reveal their mental state.
The Evolution and Challenges of Child Psychiatry Services in Singapore

The Evolution and Challenges of Child Psychiatry Services in Singapore

Of all Singaporean children in the six to 12 age group, 12.5 per cent demonstrate signs of either emotional or behavioural problems. Educational and peer pressure, little time being spent with parents (who have to work hard in order to support the family) and internalising have all been identified as common reasons why children may suffer distress and even depression in Singapore. What is even more revealing is the fact that Singapore has an insufficient number of child psychiatrists. Let's take a look at the evolution and challenges of child psychiatry services in Singapore.
Michael Phelps Describes His Severe Anxiety and Post Olympic Depression

Michael Phelps Describes His Severe Anxiety and Post-Olympic Depression

Michael Phelps reveals details of his own severe anxiety and the major depression that hits him after every Olympic games.
Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasks Struggle with Depression

Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasks Lifelong Struggle with Depression

Famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber shares his lifelong battle with depression, which began when he was very young.