How Is Depression Different from Feeling Sad?

Is a person just sad or are they suffering from clinical depression? Many Singaporeans cannot make the difference and they’re not alone. Globally, depression is often underestimated, which can have serious consequences.

Principal Consultant Psychologist Sue Anne Han Discusses Dating Abuse

Many people believe that abuse has to be violent and outspoken. In relationships, however, abuse often occurs in much subtler forms. The following Straits Times article presents an interesting study on love becoming abusive, as well as a psychological analysis of the situation by Adelphi principal consultant psychologist Sue Anne Ha.
Fussy Eating or a Serious Medical Problem Commentary by SUE ANNE NUMMELA

Fussy Eating or a Serious Medical Problem: Our Psychologist Sue Anne Han Shares Insight

The eating habits of a child can change significantly in time. There will be aversion to some foods, there will be fussy eating and temper tantrums. Fussy eating, however, can be mistaken for avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, which is a serious psychological issue.