Can You Blame Social Awkwardness on Genetics?

According to recent research, a person's socially awkward behaviour could possibly have a genetic or hereditary element.

6 Foods to Improve Your Mood

Nutritious food is one way to give your body an all-natural mood lift. Discover six special "power foods" to improve your mood.
What is Art Therapy?

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a three-way relationship between the patient, the therapist, and creative mediums. It uses creative techniques to allow the patient to access part of the unconscious and subconscious.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Differences in Treatment Methods

Discover the differences between the treatments that psychologist and psychiatrists offer, and find out what options you may have.

Major Healthcare Groups Merge to Form 3 New Clusters

In January of 2017, the Singapore MOH announced a restructuring of the public healthcare system. Find out how it affects you!

Proof that Meditation Works

A brand-new study confirmed once again that mindful meditation has tangible benefits for the human body and its stress responses.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Sociopath and a Psychopath

Is there a sociopath or a psychopath in your life? Find out how to tell the difference and label the disorder correctly.

How to Cope with Post-Election Depression

Were you disappointed in the U.S. presidential election results? Here's how to cope if the aftermath threw you into depression.

What Is Psychiatry?

Are you struggling with emotional or mental issues? Discover what psychiatry is and how a specialist can help you reclaim your life.

Pregnancies and Mental Disorders

A study in India was conducted to find out if socio-demographic aspects such as one’s education, age, gestational age, family income, family type, no of children, and husband’s occupation all have a bearing on a pregnant woman’s psychological state.