Common Mental Health Issues among Kids in Singapore

Children and teenagers in Singapore today face pressures and influences that could have an effect on their mental health. While parents may often perceive them as moody or going through a phase, inexplicable behaviour could often be attributed to a mental health issue. Here are some of the more common mental health issues affecting youth in Singapore.

Addressing Depression in Teens: Important Things Parents Should Know

When it isn’t addressed properly, depression can have serious consequences, Singapore mental health experts warn.

Pressure For High Grades: The Damage Parents Could Be Causing Kids

There’s a fine line between being a good parent capable of stimulating kids to be achievers and taking things too far. Studies show that crossing the line can have severe consequences for young individuals.

A New Google Test Can Identify Depression and Mental Illness

Google has revealed a new questionnaire to help searchers discover whether or not they may have clinical depression or a mental illness.

Breaking Free from Negative Thought Cycles

A new study shows that if you feel bad about your negative emotions, you can actually make your them worse and heap more stress on yourself.

People with Mental Health Issues Reintegrate into the Singapore Workforce

Thanks to training centres, more Singapore employers are finding ways to incorporate employees with mental health issues.

Parental Abduction Takes Toll on Kids’ Future Mental Health

According to studies, children suffer from feelings of shame, confusion, insecurity, and anxiety after being abducted by a parent.

Young Drug Abusers Can Get Help Through Anonymous Chat Feature

A new, anonymous live chat feature allows young drug abusers to seek help and support from professional counsellors.

Study Reveals Differences for Overdose and Non-Overdose Suicide Attempts

Thanks to a 2016 study, researchers now have additional data about differences between overdose and non-overdose suicide attempts.

Institute of Mental Health Conducts Second Major Mental Health Survey

The Institute of Mental Health has launched another survey of mental health issues in Singapore, expected to conclude in December 2017.