Volunteers Support Staff and Patients at Singapore Hospitals

A recent surge in the number of volunteers at Singapore hospitals is boosting morale and relieving pressure on the paid medical staff.

Women Train Teachers to Address the Deeper Needs of Children in Asia

Thanks to one 15th century monk, a training institute for teachers is encouraging more effective and thoughtful methods of education.

Young Woman’s Suicide Shows the Need for Family Intervention

Find out how to recognise signs of depression and hopelessness before a loved one ends his or her life.

IMH Offers More Help for Transgender Singaporeans

A new clinic for transgender people has opened at the IMH. It will offer support and information to people with gender identity needs.

Suicide Game Sparks Serious Concerns Among Parents and Educators

The suicide focus of the Blue Whale game and the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why have raised concerns with parents and educators. Find out more!

Runaway Senior Commits Suicide

Depression and stress led to the drowning suicide of a 70-year-old man in late 2016. The incident prompted changes in reporting procedures.

Breathing Exercises Help Children Find Peace of Mind

By practicing a few minutes of mindfulness and deep breathing, children are becoming less stressed and more focused at school.

Judge Condemns Man’s Sexual Offences Against Four Boys

A man’s sexual offences against four teenage boys have landed him in jail for years. Find out if mental illness played a part in the crimes.

The Trauma of Binge-Eating Disorder

Binge-eating disorder goes beyond overeating on a special occasion. Find out how it takes away a person’s choice and control over his body.

Instagram Proves Beneficial to Users with Mental Health Struggles

A new campaign on Instagram aims to raise awareness for mental health struggles and provide resources and connections for sufferers.