A recent case of child molestation highlights the need for awareness and vigilance among parents and caregivers, according to a report from Channel News Asia. A private tutor was caught by his victim’s grandmother while fondling a young student.

A Breach of Trust

Yong Koon Seong, aged 65, worked as a private tutor. One of his students was an eleven-year-old girl. Yong would come to the house for the lessons.

On June 20, 2014, Yong touched the girl’s breasts without her consent. The second incident occurred just four days later, on June 24. This time, he reached across the table to touch the girl’s chest. She resisted, but he continued the behaviour. He moved to stand behind her and reached under her shirt while she sat in her chair. Confused and ashamed, the girl stayed silent, not sure what to do.

The Confrontation

After a couple of minutes of the fondling, the 11-year-old’s grandmother passed the doorway to the room and noticed that Yong seemed to have his hands under the girl’s shirt. She spoke to Yong about it, but he protested that nothing was going on and that she hadn’t perceived the situation correctly.

After the grandmother stepped away, Yong told his pupil to lie about the incident. However, after he left, the young girl told her grandmother what had really happened. The grandmother called the girl’s parents, who contacted Yong. After insisting that he come to their house, the parents confronted Yong about the incidents, and Yong admitted to molesting the girl twice. The police arrested Yong that evening.

A Claim of Poor Mental Health

In court, Yong claimed that he struggled with an ongoing depressive disorder that limited his ability to react correctly and make the right decisions in such situations. However, the judge declared that Yong’s “amount of stress and unhappiness” did not constitute depression and did not excuse his behaviour.

The Effect on the Victim

The trauma of the incident continues to affect Yong’s victim. Her mother explained to the judge that her daughter is frightened of men now. Every time she leaves the house, she wears a jacket zipped up to the neck, even when it is warm outside.

The Judge’s Verdict

According to the judge, Yong “abused and betrayed the trust of the victim and her parents.” He also mentioned that Yong was “emboldened by the lack of protest” and molested his victim again, causing emotional scarring.

Yong was sentenced to 13 and a half months in jail. Since he is over the age of 50, he could not be caned as part of the punishment for his crimes, so the judge included an extra six weeks of jail time in the sentence.

Essential Therapy for Victims

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Source: Channel News Asia, 4 April 2017