A recent report from The New Paper reveals that one serial child molester was just sentenced for his ninth offence against young boys. Despite his numerous degrees and obvious intelligence, the molester was unable to curb his appetite for this type of behaviour. His lack of control over these urges indicates a need for better understanding and treatment of this kind of poor mental health in Singapore.

The Petir Road Incident

The offender, Yeo Wu Kok, claims that he noticed a 14-year-old boy’s white socks and shoes while waiting at the Woodlands bus interchange. The boy was wearing a regular school uniform. Yeo followed the boy onto the bus, and when the boy alighted at a Petir Road stop, Yeo got off the bus as well. He told the teen that he was doing a project, which was not true; and he requested that the boy escort him to a local community club. Together, they proceeded to the Senja-Cashew CC and the Bukit Panjang CC.

Shortly after leaving the Bukit Panjang CC, Yeo lured the boy to a staircase landing out of view of the street. He molested the boy, taking photos of him as well. He gave the boy $18 to keep quiet about what happened; but the boy reported the incident anyway.

The Admiralty Park Offence

Just a few weeks before Yeo was to be held on trial for the Petir Road incident, he molested another boy. This boy was also 14. Yeo asked the kid to help him out, claiming that he didn’t have enough money to reach the Woodlands CC. Then, he took the boy to Admiralty Park and began touching him, offering him $50 to allow the molestation. The boy refused. Yeo continued pressing the boy for physical attentions.

The Diagnosis by a Psychiatrist in Singapore

After being evaluated by a licensed psychiatrist in Singapore, Yeo was given a diagnosis of hebephilia. This mental health condition’s primary symptom is a powerful sexual attraction to young boys or girls, usually between the ages of 12-14. The Singapore psychiatrist also noted that Yeo has bipolar affective disorder.

Yeo has committed other offences in the past. Since 2014, he has been arrested and put in jail two times for sexually assaulting boys. Unfortunately, the jail time was not enough to deter him, and whatever psychiatric treatment he had did not effectively treat his condition.

Getting Help for Trauma or Compulsions

Individuals like Yeo who struggle with powerful yet inappropriate urges like these must be under the consistent care of a psychiatrist or psychologist in Singapore. Otherwise, they may continue to traumatise innocent youngsters like the adolescent boys in these two cases.

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Source: The New Paper, 22 Aug 2017