Child Psychiatry Linked to Human Development Rankings for European and Asian Nations

A recent research report reveals that accessibility of mental health services and a nation’s ranking on the Human Development Index are closely linked. Countries with more available mental health services and specialists rank higher on the index. According to the study, it is especially important for nations to provide mental health care to children and teens. Discover more about the findings and what they mean in relation to mental health in Singapore.

What Is the HDI?

The United Nations Human Development Programme handles the collection of information and ranking of different nations via the he Human Development Index, or HDI. Among the factors for the HDI are dimensions such as longevity, health, and living standards.

The Research Report

The new report comes from the Eurasian Child & Adolescent Mental Health Study network, which was originally created by staff at the Research Centre for Child Psychiatry, located at the University of Turku in Finland. In the report, researchers compared 17 nations, some in Asia, some in Europe. The list of included countries is as follows: Switzerland, Bahrain, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, China, Greece, Lithuania, Nepal, Finland, India, Israel, Japan, and Vietnam.

Of all of these nations, Finland, Sweden, and Norway had the highest ratio of adolescent psychiatrists and child psychiatrists. Their emphasis on mental health care for youth seems to correlate with their high rankings on the Human Development Index.

How Does Singapore Compare?

Singapore has a high HDI; however, ratios for psychiatrists in Singapore are 12 times less than those of a comparably ranked nation, such as Finland. When you look at similarly ranked Asian and European nations, side by side, the European nations have a much higher ratio of child and adolescent psychiatrists. In nations like China and India, the situation is dire, with ratios of one psychiatrist per one million adolescents and children.

Concerns from Study Leaders

One of the study leaders, Andre Sourander, is a professor of child psychiatry himself. “Particularly in countries that are industrialising quickly, children and families are experiencing great social changes that often have a negative impact on mental health development,” he explains. “The scale of the problem is highlighted by the fact that over half of the children in the world live in Asia.”

Child Psychiatric Treatment and Therapy in Singapore

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Source: The study can be downloaded here.