According to an article published by the Straits Times, children are under significant pressure in modern society. They have to learn a larger body of knowledge than their parents did. They are in school for more hours per day, and they are under pressure to do more extra-curricular activities, which siphon away their relaxation time. Those factors, plus the existence of conflict in family relationships, can cause children in Singapore a significant amount of stress.

The Pressures of Youth

Dr. Lim Choon Guan serves as the deputy chief at the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health. He explains that “As children grow older, peer relationships become more important as this is the stage when they forge their own identity.” Kids feel the pressure to win acceptance from friends and peers, all while experiencing the changes related to puberty and the pressure of making initial decisions about their future education and careers.

The Importance of Acceptance and Love at Home

On top of all that, children may be suffering from additional stress at home. Dr. Vicknesan Marimuttu is a consultant at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in the psychological medicine department. She says that children are better able to handle the pressures of life when they feel secure at home and are confident of their parents’ unconditional love.

Kids with parents who reassure them, support them, and listen to them can cope with stress more effectively. In addition, if a child’s parent shows good coping mechanisms and stress management skills, the child is more likely to learn and model those techniques as well.

The Common Mistakes that Parents Make

Sometimes, parents wait too long to listen to their child or communicate effectively. They wait until there is a problem; but by then, the issues may be out of control. Instead, talk with your child every day during the evening meal, or play a game with them after dinner to ensure time for communication and bonding.

Parents can also make the stress worse. When parents are fighting with each other at home or constantly demanding better results from the child, the young person’s stress levels rise dramatically. Marital problems in particular can make kids feel insecure, worried, and betrayed.

Instead of solving a child’s problems for him or her, use encouragement and open communication to provide support. Too often, parents attempt to fix everything for the child, sometimes without listening or paying attention to all the details of a situation. It’s better to act as the child’s strong, loving support system, and then let the child learn independence and resilience by working through some issues on his own. Help him or her work through the process to find good solutions for problems.

A Place to Find Solutions for Stress

If you fear that your child’s stress levels are beyond your aid, contact Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. We have experienced psychiatrists in Singapore, including specialists in child psychology who can help your adolescent sort through emotions and express feelings. With effective counselling and therapy for you and your child, you can build a better relationship and ensure a more peaceful, supportive home life.

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Source: Straits Times, 28 March, 2017