Depression and other mental health issues can drive people to drastic actions, as illustrated by a recent story from Channel News Asia. According to the report, a man from India assaulted the nurse of his wife, a cancer patient in Singapore. The incident later resulted in his conviction on the charge of sexual assault.

A Visit to Singapore

Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan and his wife lived in Dubai. The 47-year-old man worked as a managing director of a steel company; but after his wife became ill with cancer, their prosperous life changed. In December 2016, the couple travelled to Singapore, searching for more effective treatments for the wife’s cancer.

While in Singapore, Pillai hired a private nurse to care for his wife. The nurse worked independently through MedXcess Healthcare, and she agreed to visit the couple’s rented flat and help with the wife’s daily care.

The Assault on the Nurse

When the 25-year-old nurse came to the flat, she discovered that her patient was napping, so she went into the living area with Pillai to speak with him about his wife’s medical needs. Pillai began to turn their talk towards sex. He asked for “extra services,” and request that she pull up her shirt.

The nurse said no and placed her arms across her chest; but Pillai seized her blouse, ripping a button off, and put his hand down her shirt. He touched her thighs as well, but she rejected his advances.

The Aftermath of the Assault

The nurse reported the incident to her employers, who notified the police and terminated the contract. However, the damage had been done, and the traumatised nurse had to seek counselling to deal with the aftereffects of the incident. She suffered from ” unexplained crying, insomnia, lost or reduced appetite, feelings of worthlessness,” as well as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in Singapore, even as Pillai returned to Dubai. Pillai’s wife stayed in Singapore to continue her treatment.

Pillai faced charges of sexual assault and of insulting the modesty of a woman. He pled guilty, and on October 13, 2017, he was sentenced to just seven months of jail time and three strokes of the cane.

The Attacker’s Mental State

It is likely that Pillai himself suffered from depression, or from additional mental health issues that could have been diagnosed by a qualified psychiatrist in Singapore or Dubai. By his own admission, he had not been intimate with his wife for months due to her illness, and watching her health decline probably took a toll on his own mental state. Unfortunately, he did not seek help or support for his mental condition, and he inflicted serious emotional injury on a young woman.

Help for Trauma-Related Depression in Singapore

If you know someone who has been sexually assaulted, encourage that person to seek help from a trained psychologist in Singapore. Flashbacks, PTSD, depression, and other problems can stem from a traumatic incident like this, and it is important to get professional help to cope with these feelings. Contact Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, where our skilled care team can help you or a loved one manage the emotional pain, work through the trauma, and find peace again.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia, 28 Aug 2017