In large, densely populated cities of Southeast Asia, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, mental health is an important issue. Back in 2000, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned of the onset of depression as a powerful factor in the advance of disability and disease. According to, that prediction may be coming true in Hong Kong.

Initial Studies Reveal an Escalating Problem

When the WHO first announced its concerns about disability, disease, and the depression connection, Hong Kong took no steps to address the growing problem. Finally, in 2010, the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau organised a territory-wide mental health study to find out what percentage of the city’s population was actually suffering.

According to an interim report known as the Hong Kong Mental Morbidity Survey, conducted from 2010 to 2013, about 14.5% of the 2,5000 survey participants had notable levels of neuroses. These individuals with neurotic symptoms were all between the ages of 16 and 75. Extrapolating from that sample of the population, it’s reasonable to assume that about a million citizens in Hong Kong are suffering, in need of mental health assistance.

Mental Challenges in Hong Kong and Singapore

The problems facing the Hong Kong population are similar to the issues challenging mental health in Singapore. In a busy, crowded city, people can begin to feel lost, overwhelmed, and exhausted. The sheer numbers of people make the job market very competitive, placing significant pressure on people to perform well just to keep their jobs. There’s also a lack of green space and natural environments where people can go to relax, unwind, and breathe fresh air.
The Singapore Ministry of Health continues to investigate mental health in Singapore, using surveys and studies as its primary tools. However, more action may be needed to stem the tide of depression and mental illness that appears to be rising every year.

A Lack of Psychiatrists in Singapore and Hong Kong

Another challenge facing Hong Kong is the lack of medical professionals specialising in psychiatry. Only 340 specialists in psychiatry are registered in a city of more than 7 million. Hong Kong needs more psychiatrists and psychologists to treat the people who are currently suffering, as well as those in the beginning stages of mental illness.

There are not enough psychiatrists in Singapore, either. In a city of multiple millions, the need for trained psychiatrists and psychologists is ongoing. Fortunately, Singapore does have well-established clinics like Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, which delivers high-quality service within a caring, confidential atmosphere.

Reaching Out for Hope

If someone in your life is struggling with depression, addiction, anger, anxiety, or some other type of mental disorder, encourage that person to seek help. Perhaps you yourself are mired in depression or fighting to control your feelings of anger or panic. You don’t have to live with those overwhelming negative emotions; you can find help at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. Our trained psychiatrists in Singapore are ready to come beside you and develop a treatment plan of therapy, medication, and other strategies so that you can return to a sense of peace and balance in your life.

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