fiery-death-follows-mans-job-loss reports that a 70-year-old old man chose a particularly painful mode of death rather than face life without a job. Tan Woon Teck finally gave in to years of suicidal inclinations and set himself on fire on May 31. He died the next day, the culmination of decades of mental illness.

A Tragic History

Back in 1976, Tan Woon Teck was diagnosed with depression at Changi Prison Hospital. Weary of his insomnia and mood swings, he had tried to commit suicide. Ten years after that initial incarceration, he was brought back to the Changi Prison Hospital, this time because of a rape charge. Over the years, he was treated again and again by psychiatrists in Singapore, including professionals at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).


A Time of Peace

Five years before his death, an old friend of his, Madame Teo Kim Hong, saw Mr. Tan with a metal container. The container held petrol or kerosene, and she realized that he planned to ignite himself. She stopped him and gave him a place to live at a nearby fitness centre. Shortly afterward, he found a job, working at a coffee shop.

For the next five years, Mr. Tan lived a stable life, supporting himself and not causing trouble for anyone. However, in May of 2016, Mr. Tan heard a coworker speaking badly of him, and he assaulted her. This dispute and assault cost him his job.

The Downward Spiral

Mr. Tan was fired on May 11, and after May 27, he left his home at the fitness centre. A few days later he spoke to Madam Teo, thanking her for her kindness to him. He left her at 9 p.m.
At 10 p.m., Mr. Tan made his way to an open-air car park, located at Lorong Bachok in Geylang. While most suicides select pills, hanging, or jumping from a height in order to end their lives, he chose to set fire to himself to express the extreme depths of his despair. The next day, he died because of the severity of his burns.

The Importance of a Support System

Mr. Tan’s five years of peace, in which he worked to support himself, occurred because of the intervention of a kind-hearted woman. Having a support group of caring friends and family members can be life-saving for those with poor mental health in Singapore. Some people will even refrain from committing suicide, even in their darkest moments, because they don’t wish to cause their loved ones pain. If you know someone who is depressed and struggling, help that person by standing beside them, offering tangible help and emotional support, and encouraging them to seek clinical treatment from a psychiatrist in Singapore.

The Path to Hope

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Source: Asia One , 28 October, 2016