According to studies by scientists, the body’s natural rhythms have an important part to play, especially with regards to exercise and the need for rest. Experts claim that Thursday is the worst day of the week to go for a run. Find out how a Thursday run could deliver a setback instead of a boost.

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get your blood pumping, improve your overall health, and boost your energy levels. Getting outdoors for a daily run is an excellent way to lift your spirits, whether you’re suffering from depression or simply feeling dull or unmotivated. However, ignoring your body’s natural rhythms, such as fatigue cycles and your internal time clock, can actually cause more harm than good.

Prime Time for Exercise

Psychology professor Robert Matchock, biomechanical professor Michael Smolensky, and others have done extensive research into the way the body’s systems cycle through phases of rest, energy, and activity. There’s the afternoon slump, which usually affects people around 2 p.m. However, right after that slump comes a prime time for exercise.

The time bracket of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. is considered optimal for physical exercise, and it’s also the time when people can get active with the least risk of injury. Muscles are at peak strength during these hours, and lung function achieves its best performance around 5 p.m. for many people.

Unfortunately, many people are confined to desks and offices during these hours; but if it’s possible for you to take a late afternoon exercise break or go for a run right after work, you should do so to take full advantage of your body’s prime time.

During the evening hours, studies show that people tend to be more flexible. Joints and muscles are 20% better at moving and flexing, so if you’re doing yoga or strength training, those evening hours are the sweet spot for you.

Weekdays and Running Schedules

What about the days of the week? Research supports what everyone already knew, that Monday is a stressful day of the week. Your body experienced altered habits and your sleep cycles changed over the weekend, so Monday is rough. Blood pressure is higher, and heart attacks or strokes are more likely to occur due to office stress and less healthy choices over the weekend. A good run on Monday will wake your body up and improve your cardiovascular health.

Tuesdays and Wednesday are excellent days to go running as well. They are days to increase your productivity and take positive steps in your life. Friday is exciting because the weekend is almost here, and you’re planning to have fun during Saturday and Sunday. You may have extra energy to burn during a Friday run.

What about the day that’s sandwiched in the middle, right between a productive Wednesday and an energised Friday? Thursday is the day on which some people tend to feel more depressed. Anxiety that has built up throughout the week may peak on Thursday. Also, if the thought of the weekend ahead brings fear or stress rather than excitement, Thursday can be a bad day. Give yourself a break on Thursday. Take a day off from running and exercising, and instead do other things that comfort and satisfy you.

Other Ways to Improve Mental Health

If you find yourself feeling too much stress, anxiety, or depression on any day of the week, or over a prolonged period of time, seek help from a psychiatrist in Singapore. The staff at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic can help you regain a healthy mindset.

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Source: Run Society, Jan 25, 2017.