According to a new report from, C-suite executives are among the most unhappy people working in Singapore. Discover the reasons behind this surprising statistic and find out what you can do to avoid the onset of executive burnout.

Understanding the Causes of Burnout

In the survey, executives expressed the reasons for their unhappiness at work. Of the top three reasons, one was the lack of competence displayed by management. Another popular reason was a lack of career options and promotion opportunities. The third most common cause was disappointment with the provided training programmes. Displeasure with management, frustration with a stagnant career, and dissatisfaction with training opportunities all combine to make these C-suite executives feel very unhappy with their professional lives. That unhappiness and frustration feeds into exhaustion and high stress levels.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

One way to relieve the pressure of executive burnout is to provide hope for an upward career trajectory. Executives can try working more closely with the human resources departments at their companies to find out which steps they can take to move up. Maybe another level of management could be added, or specific tasks and training could be provided to help executives climb higher on the ladder. Having a goal to strive for can boost the executives’ spirits and give them fresh hope for a better future.

Finding a Personal Coach

In some cases, executives may simply be tired of trying. They need new motivation and stimulation in order to move forward and reach their full potential. That’s where an executive coach or a personal coach comes into play. With coaching, people can learn to recognize their own faults, repair those flaws, and develop more admirable traits that will make them fit for higher levels of leadership. Coaching can improve business relationships and personal connections.

Locating a Peer Group

Gaining support from peers is another vital strategy for overcoming executive burnout. Struggling workers should find a group of people who understand how they feel and what they are going through. A professionally facilitated group can be a wonderful place to share personal thoughts and feelings, gain positive feedback, and receive some gentle, constructive criticism. Having these peer relationships can provide the support executives need to get through a rough spot.

Seeking Professional Help

For some executives, there may be a deeper mental health issue involved. Executives who feel extremely anxious, stressed, or depressed should seek help from a professional psychiatrist in Singapore. Clinical depression can lead to poor performance at work, feelings of hopelessness, and possibly thoughts of suicide.

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