In 2008, the only gender identity clinic in Singapore closed, according to the Straits Times. Fortunately, individuals with gender identity issues can now find help at the Institute of Mental Health, thanks to the formation of a new team of medical professionals.

A Lack of Hospital Resources

Years ago, the only hospital offering gender identity services was located at the National University Hospital (NUH). That particular clinic closed in 2008, leaving Singaporeans without resources at local hospitals. Instead, local psychiatrists in Singapore offered the necessary counselling and other services for transgender individuals.

However, the need for more availability of these services sparked an effort to form a new team of medical professionals to serve trans people and others with gender-related concerns. The new clinic opened at the Institute of Mental Health in 2016, headed by Singapore psychiatrist Zheng Zhimin.

Consultation and Communication

Before opening the clinic, Dr. Zheng met with a number of transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbian activities to find out more about the issues that concern them. He also wanted to ensure that communication and counselling at the clinic was carried out in a sensitive, positive manner.

LGBT Issues

A number of issues face the community of homosexual or transgender people. Some of them still struggle with their own identity, enduring a conflict of emotions. Others suffer from the bias and stigma surrounding their lifestyle, facing backlash from family members, friends, and relatives.

Limited Details on the New Clinic

The clinic at IMH is brand-new, so not much is currently known about its services and operations. One IMH representative referred to the programme as being “still in its pilot stage.” However, the LGBT community feels encouraged by the clinics presence. According to one advocate, Bryan Choong, the clinic “helps to reduce barriers in seeking help.”

Singapore’s Transgender Population

According to international studies on the topic, around 1 percent of a population may identify as transgender. This amounts to perhaps 34,000 transgender Singaporeans. However, no official studies or surveys have been done to confirm the number of transgender individuals in Singapore.

Increased Online Support for Transgender Individuals

Just recently, a group of trans men and woman set up a new public information portal about transgender issues. Among the resources available on the website are documents about sex change and hormone therapy. Joe Wong, one of the developers of the site, explained that it is designed to “address the severe lack of information on navigating life and transition as a transgender person in Singapore.” He says that transgender people in Singapore “had to rely on word of mouth for a long time, which often means that accessing safe, quality transition-related healthcare might depend on who you know.”

Effective Counselling in Singapore

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Source: Straits Times, 16 April 2017