In May 2017, a court passed judgment on a 42-year-old Malaysian man who pursued, manipulated, and paid teen boys for sexual acts. Multiple counts of wrongdoing and possession of child pornography were taken into account in the sentencing; and the penalty was designed to warn other child molesters from engaging in such activities.

The Offences

At age 42, Hiew Chung Wai worked as a masseur. His hobby was searching Facebook for young boys whom he could connect with, first making friends with the boys and then convincing them to do sexual acts for money. Once, he even persuaded the boys to join in an orgy with a group of men. In addition to performing acts on the boys and facilitating the acts of others on the minors, the man also possessed a number of obscene films. On his phone, Hiew had 36 different folders, most of them including young teenage boys using the bathroom, sitting in public places, or engaged in sex acts with adult men.

The Trial

District judge Shaiffudin Saruwan presided over the case. When the defence pointed out that the boys willingly participated in the acts for money, the judge dismissed that fact as irrelevant. The boys were minors, too easily manipulated and too young to act wisely on their own behalf. “As an adult, the accused ought to know better,” the judge said. “He also involved them in sexual orgies with other adults. This is very egregious conduct and morally offensive to public sensibility. There is a high degree of moral corruption inflicted on the minors.”

The Sentence

Hiew received a sentence of six years and eight months of jail time, along with a $2,000 fine. In the judge’s closing remarks, he explained that the sentence passed on Hiew Chung Wai is designed to discourage others from such egregious acts of wrongdoing against minors. The victims were all around 14 or 15 years of age.

The Use of Social Media

The judge mentioned the fact that the masseur pursued the boys on Facebook first, leading them slowly into the sexual abuse. Other men were involved in some of the crimes, and Hiew met most of them via a social networking app. The use of social media to facilitate the selection and grooming of victims is becoming a popular route for perpetrators like Hiew.

The Mental Health of the Perpetrator

According to a Singapore psychiatrist, Hiew is not mentally ill in the strict sense. His mind was clear, and he was well aware of what he was doing. He knew that his actions were wrong. However, he does suffer from Hebephilia, which focuses his sexual interest on adolescents.

A Possible Root Cause

Too often, criminal activities like these result from untreated mental health conditions. Deviant behaviour begins with a harmful pattern of thought. If problems like sexual addiction are addressed early enough, individuals like this perpetrator can cope with their urges in ways that do not cause harm to others.

The Choice to Change

If you are experiencing thoughts or urges that are outside the acceptable limits of society, you need help to deal with those issues before others are placed at risk. At Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, you’ll find a confidential, comfortable space with a non-judgmental care team. Our trained Singapore psychiatrists are ready to evaluate your situation and design a treatment plan that may include a variety of helpful therapies. Make a change now so you can spare yourself and others from a painful future.

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Source: Today Online, 8 May 2017