A recent post from The Guardian introduces a unique perspective on mental illness. Instead of looking at why so many have mental health issues, why not look at why too few people are living with excellent mental health? The question becomes even more important as governments seek to change mental health legislation.

The Mental Health Struggle in Scotland

During Mental Health Awareness Week in Scotland, May 8-14 of 2017, the Mental Health Foundation encouraged lawmakers, experts, and caregivers to focus on why people are not thriving mentally as they should. In Scotland, three children in each classroom experience mental health struggles before they are 16.

In addition, over 50% of adult mental health issues began before age 14. The government is considering alterations to current laws to cope with mentally ill people and to lessen the number of unnecessary detentions. However, the new legislation is concerning to a number of psychiatrists, who feel that more attention needs to be focused on prevention, rather than management.

Similar Mental Health Issues in Singapore

The same line of thinking may be creeping into Singapore. The government is doing important work, providing easier access to care for mental health patients and improving their support systems; but perhaps not enough attention is being given to prevention.

Early Detection and Prevention

By improving conditions for impoverished people, encouraging continuing education for young people, and providing a means for early detection of mental illness, the government may be able to reduce the number of people struggling with poor mental health in Singapore. Plenty of counselling opportunities, a positive school environment, and mental health awareness campaigns are all steps in the right direction.

Correct Detention Procedures

Of course, there will still be individuals whose mental health deteriorates in spite of these programmes. Sometimes, it is necessary to detain a mentally ill individual, to keep that person from injuring himself, harming others, or disturbing the peace. However, it’s important to ensure that such detentions are done with careful oversight, and all questionings of younger individuals should be done with an impartial third party present.

Equal Treatment for All Races

In Scotland, psychiatrists have noted a disparity in the number of detentions of patients from different ethnic groups. Since Singapore is a blend of many cultures, the police have to take care that they do not begin to show preference or prejudice towards any particular race.

Mental Health Treatment in Singapore

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Source: The Guardian, 8 May 2017