Mental Health Struggles Begin Early for Children

When the National Institute of Mental Health recently reviewed the mental state of young Americans, researchers discovered that around 20 percent of these children and teens suffer from a mental problem that is serious enough to impact their daily lives. The issue of youth mental health in Singapore is a topic of concern as well, as teen suicides, child stress, and other issues have become more common in the city-state.

Early Beginnings

A serious mental disorder can begin as early as age 6. Trauma or trouble is often the catalyst for the stress, anxiety, or depression symptoms. Over time, if those symptoms are not identified and treated, the child’s mental state may decline, leading to a lifelong struggle with mental illness.

Patterns of Behaviour

It can be tricky for parents to tell whether or not their child’s behaviour is normal or excessive. Children do go through periods where their emotions are tough to handle, and pre-teens and teens have their changing hormones to deal with as well.

Parents should watch for patterns more than specific symptoms. For example, a child may feel sad one day because of something that happened, and he or she may withdraw from the family and refuse to join fun activities. A single instance of this is normal; but if it happens repeatedly over a long period of time, there may be a problem.

Telltale Signs

Other indications of a mental health issue could include dramatic changes in personality, refusal to participate in beloved activities, changes in appearance, fighting, self-harm, or complaints of a perpetual stomachache or headache. A depressed teen or child may spend most of their waking hours sleeping or resting, refusing to come out of the bedroom. When a child or teen switches friend groups entirely, loses or gains a lot of weight, talks about suicide, or experiences anxiety intensely, it’s time for parents to seek professional help from a psychiatrist in Singapore.

Cyberbullies and Online Dangers

Kids are experiencing the digital world from a very early age. Things can happen quickly among their friends and social networks; and cyberbullying or online social rejection can be very powerful. In addition to setting healthy boundaries and limiting screen time, parents need to be constantly communicating with their kids. If parents can create a safe, welcoming environment at home, children and teens will be more likely to share the trauma that they may have experienced online.

That way, the parents can provide support and encourage therapy with a psychologist in Singapore so that the child’s mental health is protected.

Your Psychologist in Singapore

If you have identified a mental health issue in your child’s life, or if you suspect that your teen or pre-teen needs help, contact Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic right away. In our private, comfortable office space, your child will have the opportunity to speak with a trained psychologist or psychiatrist in Singapore, who will then recommended a course of treatment. We offer a variety of therapies to help young people cope with their stress, anxiety or depression in Singapore. With a professional evaluation and some helpful counsel, your child can regain his or her mental health again.

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Source: Statesman Journal, 5 Oct 2017