In a horrific case of child abuse reported by Channel News Asia, a 34-year-old mother abused her young son so violently that she caused his death. The abuse had apparently been ongoing throughout the child’s life, as evidenced by over 30 bruises covering the boy’s body. This case highlights the need for swift psychological treatment and anger management therapy for people, especially parents, who struggle with uncontrollable feelings of rage and frustration.

The Tragic Incident

According to reports, the woman demanded that her four-year-old boy count to 18 in Malay. When he could not complete the task, she threw him to the floor, repeatedly stamping on his knees and legs. She also seized him by the neck and shoved him up against the wall. As a result of the violent abuse, the boy lost consciousness. He was later admitted to the hospital. Four days later, his family chose to end life support, and the boy died.

Behind the Rage

The mother’s defense lawyer brought forward a case for a reduced sentence of less than 10 years. According to his argument, the woman was a single mother overwhelmed by the stresses of life and a lack of money to care for her family. She could not handle the pressures of life and instead took out her frustration on her child.

A psychiatrist in Singapore identified the woman as suffering from depression and possibly Asperger’s syndrome. Her brutal acts towards her son resulted from years of pent-up anger, rage, helplessness, and impatience. She also expressed that she had trouble bonding with her four-year-old son. The prosecution brought in another psychiatrist in Singapore who did not corroborate the findings of the first psychiatrist. In fact, he found nothing to support those claims and determined that the woman’s actions were prompted by malice and anger.

Whatever the truth may be, the reality is that the woman did not take the time to find help or support for her emotional chaos. She could have sought out professionals specializing in mental health in Singapore, who could have helped her identify trigger points, develop coping mechanisms, and find ways to work within her situation to manage her anger. Without that professional help, she had no way to manage the turmoil in her mind.

The Possibility of Hope

If you or someone you know is struggling with feelings of powerlessness, frustration, or overwhelming rage, seek help immediately. You may never have laid a hand on anyone, or you may have acted violently in anger several times before; but it is not too late to ask for help.

At Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, you can be assured of complete confidentiality. Contact us today to set up a time for a consultation where our trained mental health professionals can listen to you and guide you. This is the only life you are given; use the counseling resources available to you to make your life a better, more peaceful one.

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Source: Channel News Asia, July 29, 2016