On 19 May 2018, The Straits Times Forum published an opinion by Dr John Bosco Lee on the importance of providing professional mental health support to full-time NSmen and others involved or who witnessed the recent tragic incidents. This is what he wrote.

If you cannot see the images clearly, here is the text version:

All the full-time national servicemen and other personnel who were involved or who witnessed the untimely deaths and events in the recent tragic incidents should be given structured mental health support (Civil defence NSF drowns after celebration gone wrong, May 15; and NSF dies after being warded for heatstroke, May 1).

This must be done by trained professionals and the help must be verified by management.

Psychiatric care and support are critical to reduce the risk of post-traumatic stress injuries among witnesses and survivors of traumatic events.

Timely psychiatric care will reduce risks of subsequent psychiatric morbidities among survivors.

John Bosco Lee (Dr)