According to Today Online, more Singapore employers are finding ways to incorporate employees with mental health issues. The number of mentally ill individuals being placed in Singapore companies is gradually rising, thanks to cooperation with centres that train and place people with mental conditions.

An Upward Trend

The Mindset Learning Hub had only been operating for five months when staffers noticed a dramatic increase in the number of trainees who were being offered jobs. Usually the jobs came in areas such as food and beverage service, but many cleaning jobs were also available. For example, at the beginning of the centre’s operations, the number of individuals with mental conditions who were placed into cleaning jobs was around 20 people. Several months later, that number doubled.

For those running centres like the Mindset Learning Hub, it’s encouraging to see job openings for people with poor mental health in Singapore. In the past, individuals with mental health conditions have been seriously stigmatised and driven from the workplace. That appears to be changing, although the positive trend is slow.

New Opportunities in the Workplace

In addition, staffers at the Mindset Learning Hub are hoping that more employers will see the value of people with mental health issues. Right now, businesses are only placing these people into behind-the-scenes roles or operational roles, like food service and cleaning. To really break the stigma associated with mental illness, more individuals need placement in office roles or administrative roles.

The Mental Health Benefits of Steady Work

Sometimes, a good job and a steady income, along with proper mental healthcare, can be the turning point for someone suffering from mental illness. A sense of importance, value, and self-worth goes a long way towards defeating conditions like depression and anxiety. When a struggling individual is trained, learns new skills, and gets a new job, the world can suddenly seem like a much brighter place.

That’s why the work that the training centre does is so important. There are others like it throughout Singapore and nearby areas, teaching people the workforce skills they need and ensuring that they receive helpful qualifications certifications. Trainees at the Mindset Learning Hub receive teaching in areas such as food and beverage service, retail work, and environmental cleaning. They are also taught how to dress for an interview, how to write a resume, and how to behave in the workplace.

Vital Care for Mental Health in Singapore

In addition to all this helpful training, these individuals with mental health challenges need to continue to seek care with a psychiatrist in Singapore. At Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, our team is dedicated to ensuring the best path to recovery, with a customised blend of holistic therapies and pharmacological treatments for each patient.

If you feel that you need help getting a particular mental health issue under control, contact Adelphi Psych Medicine to make an appointment. At our beautiful, welcoming office, you’ll be cared for by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists in a confidential, understanding environment. With re-training at a centre like Mindset Learning Hub and proper care at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, you can claim your life and find new career options.

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Source: Today Online, March 26, 2017