The Independent reports higher suicide rates among Indians living in Singapore, in relation to absolute population ratios. The Indian population seems at greater risk than people of other races or nationalities within Singapore. Find out more of the facts and discover why this segment of the Singapore population may be more at risk.

Suicide Rates Among Indians

Within Singapore, Indians make up 11 percent of the entire population. In that group of Indian residents in Singapore, there is an unusually high suicide rate of 17 percent. The data comes from the Samaritans Association of Singapore, or SOS. In comparison, Malays living in Singapore have a suicide rate of about 3 percent.

More Female Suicides

According to the report from SOS, more women decided to commit suicide than men. In 2012, 169 female Indians in Singapore killed themselves. In 2014, there were 123 female suicides among Indians in Singapore, and 2015’s numbers were higher at 138.

The Extent of the Problem

Unfortunately, a study in the Asia-Pacific Psychiatry journal backs up the SOS’s findings, not just in Singapore, but in Malaysia as well. The Indian segment of the population in Malaysia has the highest rate of suicide completers compared to other races. Hanging and poisoning were the most popular methods.

Factors Leading to Suicide Among Indians

Some experts believe that poverty, unemployment, lack of education, and a negative worldview are contributing factors for the Indians in Malaysia, more so than for other cultures. According to Dr. T. Maniam, a professor in the psychiatric department at the University Kebangsaan in Malaysia, Indians are more prone to suicide due to their “socio-economic condition, alcoholism, unemployment, high dropout rate from schools and their attitude towards life.” However, he stressed the importance of realizing that “the Indian culture does not condone suicide. We also have to create awareness that religion too does not allow such acts.”

Possible Solutions to Save Lives

Social scientists are struggling to find ways to help the Indian population to develop better mental health in Singapore and Malaysia. By identifying potential stressors and triggers, like depression, bullying, job loss, financial distress, and other factors, social experts may be able to reach out more effectively to those who are most at risk of ending their lives.

More programs are needed to aid those who are becoming impoverished or socially alienated. For the younger portion of the Indian population, risk factors including dropping out of school, bullying, family tension, and pressure to perform. With more awareness and support, these individuals can be helped through a time of extreme psychological pressure.

What to Do If a Loved One Is At Risk

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Source: The Independent, 19 Feb 2017