BBC News recently shed light on a serious gap in care for young people in Scotland. According to the recent article on the BBC News website, Scottish schools are sadly lacking when it comes to providing for the mental health needs of students. In fact, Scotland has no national strategy for counselling services within the school system.

Children at Risk

According to the Scottish Children’s Services Coalition, the problem in Scotland’s schools is becoming more and more noticeable. Since there is no national strategy for counselling within public schools, children who could benefit from mental health services are being left in distress. These kids are at-risk for developing more serious emotional and mental problems if their current issues are left untreated.

Studies indicate that around 50% of mental health problems begin earlier than age 15. Early detection and treatment are required to prevent those problems from growing rapidly worse and becoming lifelong struggles. Of the kids who are referred to CAMHS, a Scottish mental health counselling service, 20% are not seen by a professional within the 18-week target window. That means children are going for 4-5 months without any higher-level mental health care.

The Fight for Funding

Organisations such as Penumbra, Place2Be, Children in Scotland, and the Scottish Youth Parliament have all echoed the call to make counselling services a higher priority in Scotland’s schools. These groups are backing the Scottish Children’s Services Coalition as it labours to bring attention to students’ mental health needs.

According to a government body in Scotland, budget cuts are partially to blame for the lack of support services. These cutbacks have caused a shortage of educational psychologists and mental health professionals within the country. Local authorities handle mental health services differently in each school; so depending on their postcode, some children receive much better or worse mental health care than others. The organisations who are raising awareness about the situation are pushing for greater oversight of local school boards and a standardised method of providing support and care for kids with mental health needs.

The Singapore Situation

In Singapore, schools do typically have counselling services available. The counsellors often have to travel from school to school throughout the week to cover the needs of all the students within a specific area. It’s a job that often causes psychological and emotional weariness, as counsellors strive to help students who need mental health care and social or emotional support.

Relying on a school counsellor is not always the best course of action. In many cases, students troubled by poor mental health need reliable, regular care from a professional psychologist or psychiatrist in Singapore.

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Source: BBC News, 14 February, 2017