• Treatment of Offenders

    Untreated, unrecognized mental illnesses are positively associated with criminal offences in clinical studies. Timely diagnosis and therapy make a difference in the rehabilitation, sentencing and reintegration of offenders with mental illnesses.

  • Consultancy and specialist reports for State Court and High Court

    Recommended for persons charged in Courts who are suspected of suffering from mental illness.

  • Consultancy and specialist reports for Military Court

    It is recommended that Soldiers, NSF or NSmen who are suspected of suffering from mental illness and are being charged by the SAF, Civil Defence consult a forensic psychiatrist early.

  • Liason with Lawyers for mentally ill offenders

    Criminal lawyers and family court lawyers who have clients that are suspected of suffering from mental illness are invited to contact us. We provide comprehensive psychiatric assessment and accurate, quality forensic psychiatric reports for courts and police.

  • Mental capacity assessment for wills

    Assessment of mental capacity to make wills, legal decisions can be done in the hospital or at home, it usually takes 2 to 3 sessions and appointment is required. After-office hours and weekend consultations are possible.


  • Clinical Consultation

    A clinical consult allows private sharing of information and discussion on diagnosis, therapy with the psychiatrist or therapist.

    A regular clinical session is usually scheduled for 30 minutes and this would suffice for most reviews and initial inquiry.

    For new clients and psychotherapy (art therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR), consecutive sessions of clinical consultations may be required. Cost of consultations will vary depending on the duration and type of therapy.

  • Stress, Adjustment and Traumatic Stress

    Stress-related disorders occur when a person’s mental coping capacity is overwhelmed. This can occur during an unexpected event eg accident, assaults, or when trying to adapt to challenging new environments such as military service or changes in relationship.

    If untreated, symptoms and signs may worsen. Evidenced-based treatment include eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), clinical hypnosis and medication.

  • Grief

    Grieving is a personal journey during which the emotional and thinking parts of the brain try to process a personal loss that is difficult to accept and comprehend.

    Sometimes, the grief may be overwhelming leading to behavioral and mood disturbances. It is recommended that psychiatric consultation be sorted when this occurs.

  • Depression

    Depression, a medical illness that can happen to anyone, is a widely misunderstood illness that can affect mood, take away the joys of living, cause changes to personality as well as affect cognitive functions of the brain.

    Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic has a holistic treatment approach that uses both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy services. The types of psychotherapy that Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic provides include CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing).


  • Working Adults

    Working adults feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, irritable due to the pressures and demands of life.

  • Children and Teens

    Is your child stressed, nervous, frustrated or have trouble coping at school or play? It may be time to look for professional child counselling in Singapore. With years of specialised training and experience working with children as well as adolescents using evidence-based approaches, your child will be in good hands with the therapists from Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic.

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  • Students

    Students facing difficulties in primary, secondary, junior college or tertiary institutions.

  • NSF and NS men

    NSF or NS men in military, police or civil defence facing difficulties coping in units or camps.

  • Mental Capacity Assessment

    Adults, elderly who need assessment of their mental capacity for purpose of making legal decisions such as wills and lasting power of attorney.

  • Offenders with mental disorders

    Persons arrested for offences and are suspected of having intellectual disability, mood disorders or any mental disorders should be assessed.

  • Elderly

    Elderly having memory problems, mood changes, relationship difficulties with others.


  • Sleep Changes | Insomnia

  • Attention and Focus

  • Anxiety | Fear

  • Depressed Mood | Anger | Hurt

  • Behavioral Changes

  • Alcohol, Gambling, Internet Usage

  • Forgetfulness

  • Self-reproach

  • Habits

  • Intimacy & Performance

  • Work and School Performance