Signs That A Person Has Depression

When K-Pop singer Kim Jonghyun died on Dec. 18, 2017 of an apparent suicide, fans were crushed, and the terrible effects of depression once again came into the spotlight. According to The Institute of Mental Health, depression in Singapore is one of the top three mental health disorders. A 2010 survey revealed that depression had affected over 57,000 men and 102,000 women at some point in their lives.

A report from Channel News Asia lists several ways to tell if someone is experiencing the symptoms of depression. Find out how you can identify the warning signs and seek help for someone you know before the condition becomes worse.

Loss of Interest

A person suffering from depression may no longer have any interest in activities they once enjoyed. They may refuse to go out with friends or quit participating in their favorite sports or hobbies.


Depressed people may feel tired, listless, or excessively sleepy. They may spend hours in bed, instead of getting up, getting ready for the day, and accomplishing their usual tasks.

Low Self-Esteem

Someone who is depressed may experience a severe sense of guilt or worthlessness. Their self-esteem may drop to an all-time low, and they may keep cutting themselves down with thoughts or words.

Lack of Concentration

When suffering from poor mental health in Singapore, depressed individuals may find it harder to concentrate. They may be more indecisive and prone to be distracted or unfocused.

Attempts to Hide the Problem

Some people feel ashamed of their depression. They try to make excuses for their behaviour or hide their symptoms from others. If you think someone you know may be depressed, let that person know that you will not judge them, but that you will love and support them no matter what. This may encourage them to be more honest and open about what he or she is feeling.

Suicidal Thoughts

When depression goes deep enough, one may begin to feel that life isn’t worth living. They may forget all the joy and the satisfying parts of life, focusing only on the negative. If you suspect that someone is suicidal, or if a family member or friend makes suicidal comments, take those warning signs seriously. Let the person’s immediate family know so they can watch for danger signs, and encourage the sufferer to get help from a mental health clinic in Singapore.

Early Treatment for Depression in Singapore

If you’re concerned about your own mental state or a friend’s mental health in Singapore, find help at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. Our Singaporean psychiatrist and psychologists embrace a holistic approach to mental wellness, including treatments such as EMDR, hypnotherapy and art therapy in Singapore.

If you are the one suffering from the symptoms of depression, please don’t wait to seek help. Waiting can cause your symptoms to become worse, even more so when you have suicidal thoughts or feelings. At Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, we offer you a comfortable, secure space where you can feel safe as you seek healing. Your case is completely confidential, and we will take excellent care of you as you journey towards better mental health.

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(Source:, Dec 2017)