Even the rich and the famous aren’t immune from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Luckily, celebrities are starting to speak openly about such problems, changing the way they are perceived in society.

Several brave and popular Singapore celebrities have come forward to discuss their mental health problems and the road to recovery. Here are a few of their stories.

Julie Tan: Dealing with Anxiety and the Stress of Being a Young Star

When looking at the life and accomplishments of Julie Tan, few people would guess that she’d struggled massively in her life.

Surrounded by tens of adoring fans, Julie Tan is the epitome of a young and successful Singaporean.

In candid interviews, however, Tan has revealed that the pressure of being perfect had gotten to her numerous times.

Tan revealed that she had difficulties dealing with the body shaming she was subjected to online. The situation got to be so bad that she even contemplated surgery.

In addition, Tan dealt with chronic stress and anxiety episodes throughout her career. The pressure was so much that she even turned to hurting herself.

Luckily, Julie Tan sought help and learned to accept herself. In an interview, she said that these steps towards overcoming mental health problems were the key to setting a good example for her young fans.

Eelyn Kok: Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

Highly famous TV actress Eelyn Kok experienced a really dark period in her past. At her lowest point, she isolated herself in her bedroom, crying and refraining from showering for weeks. Thoughts about suicide invaded her mind, The Straits Times reported. Her longest such episode continued for the unimaginable six months.

The A Song to Remember lead actress managed to overcome her mental health problem, becoming an avid advocate for the destigmatisation of such issues.

Kok was diagnosed with depression and in an interview, she said that her trigger was a failed relationship and the battle her mother had with cervical cancer.

Today, Kok speaks openly about her recovery. Spirituality, regular exercise and inspirational books all helped her get to a better place.

Jeanette Aw: More Than Onscreen Depression

Many people remember actress Jeanette Aw for her raw portrayal of a woman who falls into the dark abyss of depression. Few know, however, that her role in The Dream Makers II was actually fuelled by the depression episode that Aw herself went through.

Aw talked about her mental health problem for the first time in 2015 via her official Instagram profile.

She said that the journey towards overcoming depression was long and arduous. There were days during which she broke down, regardless of previous progress. According to Aw, even the strongest of individuals are susceptible.

Aw stressed the importance of being supportive to those who may be going through their own mental health battle. And she’s right – understanding from family and friends could be the positive influences required to seek help and to begin a positive journey towards recovery.

Ferlyn Wong: Finding Inspiration in Depression

Coming to terms with the fact that she was dealing with depression wasn’t easy for Singapore singer Ferlyn Wong.

Best known as a former member of the K-pop girl group SKarf, Wong has confirmed that she suffered from two bouts of depression into her lifetime. She struggled with the pressure put on celebrities to be role models, which is why her recovery wasn’t an easy process.

Her first round of depression started in 2012, around the time SKarf was formed. She felt overwhelmed all the time, took diet pills and eventually started having suicidal thoughts. According to her, the worst part of this episode was the lack of awareness about the seriousness of her condition.

Eventually, Ferlyn Wong recovered and she used depression as the inspiration for her short film Left Behind.

Left Behind was produced by Wong’s independent record label and it talks about a college student who’s crushed under the pressure of being successful.

Yvonne Lim: The Challenges of Painful Breakups

Mental health problems can be triggered in numerous ways. Traumatic romantic experiences are an obvious trigger that even celebrities are susceptible to.

Singapore actress Yvonne Lim is now open about her depression and how it was unleashed after a painful separation from her significant other.

Lim appeared on local talk show Celebritea Break and she spoke about the pain and the depression that relationship failure brought into her life. She was in a serious, committed relationship that was heading in the direction of marriage. After her ex decided to end it, however, Lim was gripped by depression and she even contemplated suicide.

Luckily, thoughts about her loving family helped Lim overcome the sadness and desire to end her life. Today, she has recovered and she’s enjoying married life her husband.

Leon Markcus in the Grip of an Eating Disorder

So many misconceptions circulate in society and affect our perception of mental health problems. One of these misconceptions is that solely women struggle with eating disorders.

While anorexia and bulimia are indeed more common among ladies, they’re not an exclusive condition. Singapore star Leon Markcus has opened up about his struggle with anorexia, acquainting society with the nature of this mental health problem.

Markcus has long been using his music to increase awareness and fight against the mental health stereotypes so common in Singapore. Markcus said that at the age of 14, he was engulfed with self-harm. Currently aged 21, Markcus has spoken openly about his battle with anorexia. His mental health issue has even inspired some of Leon’s most popular musical pieces like Alive – a deeply personal portrayal of the inner battle.

Mental health problems are much more common than many people believe them to be.

Understanding the vastness and the seriousness of the situation is the first step towards recovery. Getting support and the help of a reputable psychiatrist in Singapore is the next part of the journey.

Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic has a holistic approach towards improving mental health in Singapore. If you or someone you know is struggling with the burden of a mental health problem, get in touch with us to discuss the road towards recovery.

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