A report from the Straits Times reveals that a business development manager violated a female teenager’s privacy by taking photos of her while she was on the toilet. He was subsequently jailed. The story highlights the need for individuals with strong sexual urges to find help with a psychologist or psychiatrist in Singapore, before their inclinations lead them to harm others either physically or emotionally.

The Modesty Violation at Mountbatten Centre

From his nearby office, forty-one year old Lee Chee Hoong saw a young Chinese girl going into the women’s toilet at Mountbatten Centre. He followed the 15-year-old, held his phone under the door of the cubicle and took photos of her.

When she noticed him, he fled. By the time police detained him, he had deleted the photos. However, police did discover photos of some other women, taken while they were using the same toilet. Lee was charged with insulting the modesty of a woman as a result of this evidence and the teen’s testimony.

The Perpetrator’s Previous Mental Health Issues

According to Lee’s lawyer, Lee had seen a psychiatrist in Singapore for a while, specifically for obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. However, when he decided to have children with his wife, Lee stopped his treatment. Another psychiatrist who evaluated Lee diagnosed him with paraphilic disorder, a mental condition related to vivid sexual fantasies.

The Charges and the Sentence

Eventually, the court sentenced Lee to 12 weeks of jail time for several counts of insulting a woman’s modesty and a charge of criminal trespass. The record of his offences will be there permanently, potentially affecting his career, his marriage, and other relationships. Had he continued his treatment with a psychiatrist in Singapore, he may not have given in to the urge to take the photos.

Getting Help Before Harm is Done

If you are experiencing odd urges or desires beyond what is socially acceptable, seek help immediately. Remember, you’re getting help not only for your own benefit, but for the sake of the people you may one day harm if you allow your mental condition to spiral out of your control.

Even a seemingly simple incident that involves no physical contact can damage your reputation and pull you into the courts. You could send yourself into deeper depression, and you might inflict lasting damage on someone else’s mental and emotional well-being.

Finding a Psychiatrist in Singapore

Are you unsure where to find a good psychiatrist in Singapore? Start by calling Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. We have helped people with a broad range of mental health issues and disorders, including those who have passed through the court system because of their actions.

Through talk therapy, art therapy, medication, EMDR, and cognitive behavioural therapy, we can help you work through your urges or obsessions and find a healthier way to live.

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Source: Straits Times, 3 August 2017