Psychiatrists in Singapore are raising awareness for the plight of the elderly in Singapore. According to an Asia One report, a geriatric psychiatrist claims that the elderly are often misunderstood and sometimes suffer needlessly as a result. He advocates for better education about the mental health of the elderly and a more compassionate understanding of their time of life and its challenges.

 Stress Factors for Elderly Singaporeans

According to the doctor, the elderly are a “unique population who face specific stressors.” People they once knew and loved, including spouses, friends, or relatives, are dying. They may have suffered a reduction in income or a decrease in social status; and they often experience deteriorating health and mobility, leading to a loss of independence. All these challenges have a powerful effect on a senior citizen’s mental health.

The Possibility of Mental Health Problems

An elderly person may not recognise that they have a mental health issue right away. “Some people simply attribute symptoms such as the deterioration of memory, ability to perform basic activities, and depression as part of ageing, but I wish they would seek professional medical help, whether for themselves or their family members,” says the doctor. ” Many people do not understand dementia and may think the elderly person is deliberately choosing to be difficult to make life miserable for his family.” In reality, those symptoms can indicate an underlying mental health need.

The Reality of Ageing

In some cases, of course, the challenging behaviour of the elderly is directly related to “progressive loss of the structure or function of neurons (nerve cells).” In those situations, the elderly person is not responsible for their troublesome actions and words. He or she is not choosing to behave that way; it’s a condition beyond the patient’s control.

Support and Care for the Elderly and Their Families

If you’re not sure why an elderly friend or family member is behaving a certain way, bring him or her to Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. We have a caring staff, a confidential and welcoming environment, and experienced psychiatrists who can evaluate your loved one.

Only with a professional consultation and evaluation can you discover the root cause of the elderly person’s behaviour. In some cases, treatment by a top psychiatrist in Singapore can reduce the symptoms of depression or other mental illness, improving your relative’s quality of life. Sometimes, you may find it a relief to know that your loved one isn’t being difficult by choice. Find renewed hope, patience, and support for yourself and your elderly loved one through Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic.

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Source: Asia One