Popspoken.com recently showcased an article written by a young Singaporean, revealing how the incessant drive for achievement and perfection can contribute to anxiety. According to the opinion piece, the city-state of Singapore thrives on trade, capitalism, and innovation— all good things, of course; but when those good things are taken to the extreme, young citizens may find themselves stretched beyond their limits, stressed-out and anxious.

A History of Poverty

As a child, the uncredited author of the Popspoken piece experienced poverty, living in a tiny flat and occasionally going without electricity. The author’s parents had both given up post-secondary education, forced to enter the workforce early out of necessity. They couldn’t achieve higher-level career success because of their lack of education.

The Marginalisation of the Poor

In school, the author was marginalised because of his poverty. He had an A5 card which allowed him free meals— a helpful benefit, but one that set him apart from other students and drew their notice. The free books and uniforms at school helped the family, but he felt ashamed as he accepted them.

The Advantage of the Wealthy

He did well in school, but the pressure to perform increased as he and his peers faced PSLE. “We were told that where we ended up at would decide the rest of our lives for us,” the author states. “It was a struggle to keep up with others who used money to pay for tuition, extra practice and even cab rides to school.”

The Struggle to Succeed

Throughout secondary school, he fought to get ahead, taking on extra projects and hiding the fact that his family was poor. His struggles continued at the university level and beyond. In Singapore, career choice, wealth, salary, position, family status, and possessions are constantly being evaluated in the constant struggle to gain more and achieve more. Living in this perpetual state of urgency has a significant effect on mental health in Singapore, causing many people to struggle with anxiety disorders, depression, and other issues.

The Competitive Culture

Singapore’s educational landscape has changed and improved since the author’s time in school, but the urgently competitive spirit still pervades the culture. To survive, thrive, and find balance in such a fast-paced, success-driven lifestyle, people need the support of friends, family, and possibly a therapist as well. A good psychiatrist in Singapore can help struggling students or professionals cope with anxiety and find ways to achieve their goals without threatening their mental health.

A New Goal to Pursue

Are you fighting to stay at the top of your class or career? Are you striving to gain more, climb higher, and achieve bigger goals? If you find yourself also suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, or exhaustion, take time to invest in your own wellbeing. Through therapy and treatment at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic, you can find a more balanced, healthy way to pursue your life goals. Our experienced Singapore psychiatrists and counsellors can help you regain your mental health and your emotional stability so that you can keep moving forward in life.

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Source: Pop Spoken, 25 December, 2016