According to, some men in Singapore are developing a dangerous obsession with body-building. They become so fixated on their goal of a “muscle man” image that they actually do damage to their health – and that damage can sometimes be permanent or difficult to reverse.

The Goal

For some men, attaining the image of peak physical perfection is their number one goal. They want bulging biceps, six-pack abs, powerful legs, and huge shoulders. To achieve the “muscle man” look, they work out frequently. They go to the gym every day and constantly take protein supplements in an effort to augment their muscle mass.

The Age Group

Most of the men who have this fixation are somewhere between their late teens and mid-thirties. For some of these men, looking physically perfect seems like the best way to attract the kind of person that they want to date. For others, it’s about impressing peers and achieving a dominant place among a group of friends. Some young men do it just for themselves, because they are struggling with a negative self-image and they want to look good in the mirror.

The Obsession

So what’s wrong with wanting to be healthy, strong, and good-looking? There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, until it becomes a harmful obsession.

For many of these young men, one workout a day just isn’t enough to achieve the results they want. They go back to the gym again and again, sometimes for 2-3 workouts each day. All that time at the gym actually takes time away from the meaningful relationships they should have with friends and family members. The additional weariness from the compulsive workouts may also damage their concentration and performance at work.

The Danger

In addition to overdoing their protein supplement intake, these young bodybuilders may also find more dangerous options, such as anabolic steroids. These steroids are only legal if prescribed by a doctor for a degenerative disease; but buyers can still find them on the black market. The illegal substances may work for a while, building additional muscle, but they can begin to have serious side effects. Damage to the heart, kidneys, and liver occurs as a result of this kind of substance abuse; so instead of improving their overall health, these young men actually end up with a chiselled body that is seriously damaged on the inside. Before long, the internal damage will begin to show in every aspect of the sufferer’s life.

Another side effect of steroid abuse is depression or psychosis. Already obsessed with body image, young men can begin to lose their grasp of reality and normalcy.

The Solution

If you or someone you know has developed an obsession with body-building, body image, or compulsive workouts, don’t wait until the damage becomes worse. Set up an appointment with our psychologist in Singapore or psychiatrist at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. Our mental health experts will gladly work with you and your primary care physician to understand the root of the compulsion and to adjust any addictive behaviors. With the help of a psychologist in Singapore, you’ll be back on the road to true health and wellness.

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Source: Straits Times, August 28, 2016