As reported in the Straits Times, a 26-year-old women has been jailed and fined after an escalating series of incidents. In each case, Elizerbeth Chua Hui Ping violently attacked a child, terrifying the victim and angering the parents. Her pattern of behaviour indicates a need for proper psychiatric treatment to control the outbursts of rage and violence.

Violence Against Children

In the first outburst, Elizerbeth Chua Hui Ping pushed and smacked a two young brothers, aged six and nine years old. She said that she did it because a ball that the boys were kicking almost hit her dog. Shortly after that incident, she also attacked the boys’ mother, punching and kicking her and saying, “I will beat and kill your sons!” For this offense, she received 8 months probation.

On May 23, 2016, Chua fussed at a passenger for boarding a bus with a drink in hand. She then began shouting at the other passengers, frightening and annoying them. Finally, the mother of a 10-year-old girl on the bus asked Chua to stop yelling and calm down. In retaliation, Chua seized the child by the throat with both hands.

The girl fled the bus, and Chua attacked the mother before spying the girl and running after her. The girl hid, and police later arrested Chua.

Chua’s bail was posted on June 7, and on June 8 she engaged in another altercation with people in the same bus interchange. She choked a 14-year-old girl and chased various passengers, trying to bite them. She was arrested again and charged with behaving in a threatening manner, causing hurt, and committing public nuisance. The community court sentenced her to nine weeks in jail and imposed a fine of $600.

Long-Term Care for a Lifelong Struggle

Because of these and other incidents, Chua was evaluated and placed under the long-term care of a psychiatrist for her mental instability and anger management issues.

The government forensic psychiatrist in Singapore who conducted her evaluation discovered that she was hypersensitive to criticism, easily enraged, and impulsive. She also has low IQ, which drew ridicule from her peers while she was in primary school.

Recognising a Mental Health Issue

Like so many stories of uncontrolled anger and abuse, this series of incidents highlight the need for proper psychiatric care to ensure mental health in Singapore. Families and friends must take action when they see someone behaving erratically, especially if that person’s actions pose a danger to themselves or to others. In Chua’s case, children and their behaviour seemed to be a trigger point, quickly taking her out of a place of emotional control and instigating a violent reaction.

Stopping the Breakdown Before It Begins

With the help of a psychiatrist in Singapore, people like Chua can get those irrational or violent impulses under control. Medication, therapy, and a variety of treatments help mentally afflicted individuals to find coping mechanisms for their rage or frustration.

If you or someone you know is stressed out, mentally challenged, or beginning to react to life events in violent ways, it’s time to ask for help from the professionals at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic. We keep everything strictly confidential and can help your loved one recognise the challenges ahead and move forward with a treatment plan that leads to a healthier state of mind.

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Source: Straits Times, August 31, 2016