According to Today Online, more and more people are recognising their dependence on the internet and on gadgets is an addiction. To break the control of technology, some resort to international boot camps that use innovative techniques to free these tech addicts of their dependence on devices.

A Desperate Mother

One 23-year-old Singaporean man was spending every minute of his time gaming. He barely slept, hardly ever spoke to people face-to-face, and refused to complete his university degree. He was so addicted to gaming that his mother paid $48,000 for him to attend an overseas detox session.

The programme she chose is called The Edge. It’s a “boot camp” of sorts, created to help young men with behavioural struggles and addiction problems. The camp facility is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

An Intensive Programme

When the young Singaporean gamer arrived, he discovered a 16-room building with a beautiful outdoor space. For two months, he worked through the programme, which incorporates sports and martial arts among other therapies. After his time at The Edge, he attended another program, a halfway house that prepared him to transition back to normal life— this time without the crutch of his addiction.

A Positive Result

By the time he had completed the rehabilitation, the former addict had lost weight, kicked his gaming habit, and gained a fresh perspective on life. “I don’t want to waste my time anymore because I actually wasted a total of 3.5 years on gaming. Those years are something I’ll never be able to get back,” he told Today Online. “Now I hope to complete my studies and get a job. As for my mother, she’s really relieved to have her son back on track.”

A Consistent Problem

According to the programme director at The Edge, the facility has hosted five addicts from Singapore in the past year. A director of a similar programme in East Malaysia also mentioned having 3-5 gaming addicts from Singapore coming through the system annually. The addicts are young, usually between 18 and 25 years old. They pay anywhere from $9,500 to $15,000 for their 28 days of rehabilitation.

A High Cost

Many of these programmes incorporate elements of luxury and elegance that increase their prices, but also make them more appealing to addicts who might otherwise resist the chance. Many also include sessions and treatments from expert psychiatrists or counsellors. But not everyone can afford a stay of a month long or more at such a facility. Fortunately, individuals struggling with technology dependence or gaming addiction can find help for a much lower price tag, and closer to home.

An Effective Treatment Plan

The expert Singapore psychiatrists at Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic are skilled at recognising dependence or addiction and helping people break free. Whether you’re struggling with gaming, technology, drugs, sexual habits, gambling, or other forms of addiction, come to Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic for an evaluation so that you can get started with a recovery plan. Taking control of your life again is possible, and with the help of qualified Singapore psychiatrists, you can find your power and your mental balance once more.

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Source: Today Online, 29 March, 2017