In a recent article in The Guardian, Catherine Roche claims that “over half of school leaders [in the UK] say it is difficult to find mental health services for pupils.” Singapore struggles with the same issues, including a lack of support for children’s mental health. Find out what actions can be taken to ensure that troubled kids receive the help they need.

Anxiety and Mental Health Issues in Children

Studies show that two-thirds of 10 and 11 year olds are constantly anxious about school, home life, their personal appearance, and other issues. Some children suffer from abuse in the home, leading to mental and emotional trauma. Others resort to self-harm or drug use as a means of coping with their inner struggles. Depression, social anxiety, constant worry, sadness, and anger can send a child’s mind and heart into turmoil, harming their grades and their relationships and causing lasting damage to future prospects.

Overwhelmed and Overworked

In the UK, the resources that are available to support kids’ mental health are over-tasked and overworked. The families that come for help are forced to wait a long time in order to see a mental health professional. Similar issues arise in Singapore, where long wait times and social stigma can prevent children and their families from seeking help, even when they desperately need it.

The Problem with Delay

Delayed intervention typically causes the mental illness to worsen. The later it is diagnosed and treated, the more dramatic the lifelong effects can be for the child. In addition, later intervention and treatment typically takes longer and costs more, since the problem has had time to grow worse and stronger medications and treatment methods may be needed. Essentially, the longer you wait to take your child to a psychiatrist in Singapore, the more costly the problem becomes, for your bank account, for society, and for your little one’s wellbeing.

Solutions for the Future

One way to identify and treat children’s mental issues early is to raise awareness in schools. Teachers and other school staff are uniquely placed to notice warning signs and encourage parents to seek help. The government could step in, adding funds to encourage more schools to provide mental health support for kids. Schools could also stock literature and information about mental health clinics that serve children within Singapore. That way, parents will have a path to follow to seek the help that their kids so desperately need. Charitable organisations may also be able to aid families who cannot currently afford mental health treatment for their young ones.

Finding Help Now

Do you believe that a child in your life might benefit from mental health treatment and support? Don’t wait until the problem becomes dramatically noticeable. The sooner you obtain a proper evaluation and diagnosis for your child, the sooner treatment and recovery can begin.

With early intervention, the effects of mental illness can be reduced or even eliminated. Your child can learn coping mechanisms for mental health issues and go on to live a happy, healthy life in spite of those struggles. If you wait, the problems could increase in severity and cause lifelong harm. Contact Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic today, where we have Singapore psychiatrists who specialise in children’s mental health. You won’t regret getting help for your child.

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Source: The Guardian, 15 February, 2017