A recent report from the Straits Times showcases how one centre is using art therapy to help recovering addicts. Workers at the centre have found that art therapy can prove to be a powerful tool in the treatment plan for addicted clients.

Art Therapy for Drug Addiction

The Centre for Christian Recovery, a drug rehabilitation centre in Antipolo City, Philippines, recognises the value of art therapy for its residents. The religious organisation includes drawing sessions and similar art forms in the daily activities for the addicts. It’s a way for the patients to show their emotions as they struggle through withdrawal and learn to control their cravings.

According to Mr. Davis Dakis, director of the programme, ” These drug dependents are not used to saying what they feel. They do not know how to express their emotions. So now, through art, they can express whatever they feel.”

A Fierce Battle Against Drugs

In June of 2016, the government in the Philippines started a bloody war against drugs, spearheaded by the new President of the country, Rodrigo Duterte. In addition to its mission of helping addicts, the centre is hoping to show a more peaceful way to resolve drug-related issues.

One drug user spoke of his fear related to the new government’s no-tolerance drug policies. “I hope our president will take a different action,” he says. “I don’t want it to be like this. It’s as if he wants to just kill all of us addicts; but there is still hope for us. It’s not too late to change.”

How Art Therapy Works in Rehab

The centre in the Philippines isn’t the only one that uses art therapy as part of drug addict rehabilitation programmes. Locations throughout Singapore, the United States, Britain, and many other countries employ similar techniques and creative sessions. The professionals working at these locations recognise the value of art, as it helps people uncover suppressed memories, connect with their creative selves, and recognise their emotional triggers.

Sometimes, art therapy can help patients uncover long-hidden memories, deep-rooted stress factors, or incidents of trauma that pushed them towards the path of drug abuse. Once those memories and triggers come to the surface, therapists are better able to help their patients deal with the root cause of their addiction.

Art Therapy Sessions in Singapore

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