1. When should you consider seeing a psychiatrist?

For some people, the thought of seeing a psychiatrist is like seeing a dentist, there is a mixture of anxiety and expectation. This is understandable as psychiatrists and dentists are both health professionals that one does not encounter regularly unless there are specific needs.

A visit to a dentist may be to deal with a toothache or to have braces or dentures made. Similarly, a visit to a psychiatrist may arise to deal with insomnia, forgetfulness or for psychotherapy to achieve more adaptive and productive way of thinking and coping with life events.

Consider seeing a psychiatrist in Singapore when you feel that there may be issues causing anxiety, affecting the mood, diminishing performance in social, occupational and academic functioning. Other presenting problems may include sleep patterns, coping with urges and understanding of one’s behavior.

2. What can you expect from the first appointment?

The first appointment is often a private one-to-one discussion with the doctor. If you wish, a friend or significant other may accompany you. It is a time for the psychiatrist to understand you and for you to raise questions, clear your doubts and fears.

The first consultation is the time for you to assess if you are comfortable with the psychiatrist and the clinic environment. Thus, the duration of the first consultation is often longer than other sessions and it is recommended that about an hour be allocated.

3. What can you expect when visiting Adelphi Psych ?

You can expect a comfortable, private environment where we strive to provide caring, convenient and confidential mental health care. The clinicians practising at Adelphi Psych are experienced with specialised skills and local as well as overseas knowledge.

At Adelphi Psych, the therapeutic avenues include psychotherapeutic modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitisation reprocessing therapy, play therapy, art therapy, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness-based therapy as well as the use of medications with good efficacy and tolerance profile.

4. What should I do before the appointment?

You are encouraged to bring along all past medical records and medication if available. Otherwise, there is nothing to prepare and you can just come with an open mind to talk to the psychiatrist.

5. Should/Can you bring someone with you?

Yes, Adelphi Psych encourages you to bring along whom you want to bring along to accompany you if desired.

6. Privacy

Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic is located at a private, convenient corner of level 4 at The Adelphi, a lifestyle mall widely known for its high-end sound system shops, dentists and hair saloons. Medical in confidence is of paramount value at this clinic.

The Adelphi is a 3-minute stroll from Exit B of City Hall MRT station next to the National Art Gallery. There is a basement car park with ample parking space and a direct lift from B5 carpark to level 4 where the clinic is available.

7. What is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialises in mental health. Due to the nature of work, he or she may be more perceptive in recognising and understanding human emotions. A psychiatrist is, however, not a mind-reader or a clairvoyant.

At Adelphi Psych, our psychiatrist, psychologists and psychotherapists work in unison to provide clinical care and medico-legal care for forensic psychiatry, forensic psychology cases.

The caring, compassionate and “do no harm” ethos of ancient physicians such as Hippocrates (ancient Greece) and “华陀” (China, Eastern Han dynasty) are values which psychiatrist and clinicians at Adelphi Psych try to emulate.

To understand the differences between a psychiatrist and psychologist, read here: http://adelphipsych.sg/distinguishing-between-psychiatrists-and-psychologists/

9. Cost

There are many restructured Hospitals and Woodbridge Hospital at Singapore that provide affordable mental health care.

At the private sector, the cost of treatment will be higher compared to subsidised care at the government institutions.

10. How to verify that the Psychiatrist is credible

The Singapore Medical Council, Ministry of Health, Singapore Law Society websites are good information resources to access for information to psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.

Written by Dr John Bosco Lee
Psychiatrist, Senior Consultant
Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic