Perhaps you know someone who has recently visited a psychiatrist in Singapore. You’re naturally curious about what psychiatry is and how it works. Find out what psychiatry encompasses and why it is so important to mental health in Singapore.

Defining Psychiatry

Recent news stories about youth suicides and attacks by maids against their employers have highlighted the necessity of high-quality mental health care in Singapore. Psychiatry makes that possible. In essence, it is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options for various behavioural, emotional, or mental problems. Long-term disorders and temporary issues are all treated under the umbrella of psychiatry.

Meeting the Psychiatrist

A doctor who specialises in the care of mental health patients is known as a psychiatrist. Including training and residency, it takes between 11 and 13 years to prepare to serve as a psychiatrist. Candidates first go through medical school for years and then pursue advanced training through a post-graduate clinical residency program. To be a psychiatrist in Singapore, you need at least a Master’s Degree in Medicine and a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine or in Surgery, followed by a residency in Singapore, which enables greater familiarity with the local health system. Psychiatrists must conform to regulations by the Ministry of Health.

Understanding the Scope of Psychiatry

Psychiatrists in Singapore may deal with a wide range of issues, from depression and suicidal thoughts to obsessive or compulsive behaviours. Often, psychiatrists take on patients with addictive tendencies who are prone to substance abuse. Patients with hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks, multiple personalities, and other issues can seek help and find a treatment plan with the help of a psychiatrist at one of the trusted private psychiatric clinics in Singapore, such as Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic.

Knowing the Difference Between Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Psychiatrists and psychologists in Singapore may team up to work together, combining their skill sets to effectively treat a patient. However, there are some specific differences in their roles. Psychiatrists are trained doctors. They have medical expertise, and they can understand what is physically going on with the patient. They are also able to prescribe medication.

Psychologists follow a different training path. They must obtain a doctoral degree, but their focus is on personality, mental, and emotional function rather than the medical side of the issues. They primarily use behavioural therapy such as EMDR for trauma, problem-solving techniques, and counselling to treat their patients.

Getting Help

Imagine that a patient has been through a traumatic experience and has developed short-term mental health problems, emotional troubles, or behavioural issues. A Singapore psychiatrist from Adelphi can help the traumatised individual by keeping a close eye on the person’s physical health and prescribing anti-anxiety medication and other treatments. The psychologist would help the person work through the experience, deal with the negative feelings, and discover some level of normalcy and emotional stability again.

Are you struggling with a mental disorder or a troubled emotional state? Don’t wait until your condition becomes debilitating! Contact Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic today and discover the route to a happier, more peaceful life.