The Key To Change – A Graphic Representation

The Know-Want-Can model of change conceptualized by our Principal Psychologist Carolyn Kee has been used to explain the process of change, guide assessment and plan interventions. It is simply explained here in engaging graphics so that it can be easily understood by adults and children alike.

Pregnancies and Mental Disorders

A study in India was conducted to find out if socio-demographic aspects such as one’s education, age, gestational age, family income, family type, no of children, and husband’s occupation all have a bearing on a pregnant woman’s psychological state.

Visiting A Psychiatrist For The First Time

There are several things to know when visiting a psychiatrist for the first time, such as cost, privacy, what to prepare before and if you should bring a person along.

Decoding Depression: Keys To Better Mental Health

Some forms of depression are caused by events and experiences in our life; others are caused by the hormonal changes in our body. One such example is postpartum depression found in newly become mothers. Learn about the different forms of depression.

The Difference between Art as Therapy and Art Psychotherapy

The difference art as therapy and art psychotherapy are subtle, but art psychotherapy focuses on the therapeutic gains of the activity and not the art itself.

Worsening Depression and Dementia

Depression is a state that can affect anyone from any age group and of any gender. In order to minimize impact, it is better to be aware about its symptoms.

A Therapeutic Garden in Singapore

The National Parks Board (NParks) has played a stellar role in the opening of a fresh garden in Singapore’s Horticultural Park intended to have therapeutic benefits for senior citizens.

A Brief History of Psychiatry

The history of mental illness is probably as old as the origin of mankind as illustrated in ancient books such as the holy books of various ancient religions. The term “psychiatry” literally means in Greek, “medical treatment of the soul”, it was coined by Dr. Johann Christian Reil In the early 19th century.

A Therapeutic Story – The River

When working with children and adolescents, stories can be used as therapeutic tools to help them discuss their difficulties from a safe distance and to strengthen their mental health.

7 Terminologies Used in Psychiatry & Psychology

Mental Health in Singapore where psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors work together is filled with medical terminologies that can be confusing for the layman. Here are some common terms you may encounter in mental health.