Young Drug Abusers Can Get Help Through Anonymous Chat Feature

A new, anonymous live chat feature allows young drug abusers to seek help and support from professional counsellors.

Study Reveals Differences for Overdose and Non-Overdose Suicide Attempts

Thanks to a 2016 study, researchers now have additional data about differences between overdose and non-overdose suicide attempts.

Institute of Mental Health Conducts Second Major Mental Health Survey

The Institute of Mental Health has launched another survey of mental health issues in Singapore, expected to conclude in December 2017.

Adolescents Face Stress from Multiple Sources

Singapore students face significant pressure at school; but experts warn parents to be alert for other sources of stress as well.

Psychological Checks Ensure that SAF Personnel are Mentally Healthy

The Singapore Armed Forces reveals that it regularly screens incoming enlistees for mental conditions to ensure the safety of all citizens.

Motivating Children with Kindness

Discover how to motivate children to do well in school without exerting too much pressure and causing them emotional harm.

The Dangers of Binge-Eating and Food Addiction

Rooted in low self-esteem and depression, binge-eating disorder poses danger to the sufferer’s physical and mental health in Singapore.

How Running Affects Your Mental Health

Experts claim that Thursday is the worst day of the week to go running. Find out why a Thursday run delivers a setback instead of a boost.

Naked Woman Blocks Delivery Van in Early Morning Incident

On January 30, a naked woman prevented a van from proceeding along Bendemeer Road. Was mental illness involved?

Stress Factors Can Trigger Suicide

According to Dr. Ong Say How, a suicide doesn’t occur because of a single stressor, but from many different pressures in a person’s life.