Ministry of Health Unveils 5-Year Plan to Improve Mental Health Care

The Singapore Ministry of Health recently unveiled a 5-year plan to improve mental health care. Find out more about the upcoming changes.

Happiness Festival in Dubai Aims to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A recent Happiness Festival in Dubai highlighted the true meaning of happiness and its relationship to better mental health.

Singapore Psychiatrist Advocates for Better Understanding of Geriatric Mental Health

A psychiatrist reveals the mental health needs of Singapore’s elderly population and encourages caregivers to seek support.

How to Practise Self-Love

Before you can properly care for others, you have to practise self-care. Invest in yourself mentally and emotionally so you can give back.

Scottish Kids in Danger of Lifelong Mental Health Issues

According BBC News, Scottish schools are sadly lacking when it comes to providing for the mental health needs of students.

Finding the Funds for Mental Health Care

New Zealand is learning about the downward spiral that occurs when the government does not adequately support mental health care for people.

Patient Becomes Violent, Stamps on Fellow Patient’s Head at IMH

A violent incident at the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore landed one patient in jail and another in the hospital.

Predicting Mental Illness for Newborns

Researchers have identified extremely low birth weight as a risk factor for babies developing mental illness later in life.

Katy Perry Jokes About Britney Spears and Mental Health

Recently, a mental health joke by Katy Perry brought Britney Spears’ head-shaving incident back to the forefront of public memory.

Beauty Queen Kylie Verzosa Advocates for Mental Health

Beauty queen Kylie Verzosa made a recent stop at the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore while advocating for mental health care.