The Crucial Years: Supporting Mental Health Care for Children

A recent article reveals the severe need for better mental health care for children in the UK, in Singapore, and around the world.

The Power of Family for Better Mental Health

Experts say that family ties are an important factor in mental health. Authentic family bonds can lower the risk of depression and anxiety.

A Spike in Depression Rates Leads to More Mental Health Days

The rise in depression means that more people are taking personal vacation days as mental health days in order to cope with mental illness.

The Mental Health of Modern Politicians

Some professionals question the US President’s mental health, while others point to a broader issue of mental health in politics.

Directive to Singapore Parents: Talk Less, Listen More

In the wake of an unusually high number of child and teen suicides, parents are being asked to listen to their children more effectively.

Straits Times: How Parents Can Support Their Children’s Mental Health

During their kids’ crucial developmental years, parents must communicate and show support to ensure their children’s good mental health.